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10 Best Note and Memo Apps on Android Smartphones

Do you often forget about important tasks or appointments to meet someone? No need to bother, if you are an Android smartphone user, try to use one of the 10 best note and memo applications that you can use.

The following note and memo applications are able to write daily notes by writing on your Android screen. Even some of the applications that will be discussed by Carisignal this time can be referred to as memo applications or Android whiteboard applications. Curious? Check out the following reviews from Carisignal.

1. ColorNote

colornote note and memo app

Making a grocery list, setting a schedule with notes on an Android smartphone, of course, you can do using this note and memo application. ColorNote is here to help you take notes on important things that you might have forgotten.

Not only excels in being a memo, even ColorNote can help users write notes with colorful note backgrounds. Of course the presence of color is quite helpful in making notes, let alone to remind you.

Another feature offered by ColorNote is that you can make notes directly on the calendar like you would paste notes on a regular calendar.

The difference is, you pin it only by using your smartphone. Quite easy and practical right? If you need the ColorNote app, just click here and download the app.

2. Evernote


You can stay organized without having to carry a notebook everywhere. Only with Android-based cell phone technology, this note and memo application will help you record important things that need to be done today, tomorrow, and so on.

The Evernote application is equipped with a feature to write notes in text format. However, if you don’t want to take notes, you can leave notes in sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings and other formats.

You can even create notes that can be attach to Microsoft Office as well as PDF you know. Also, Evernote application users will be able to directly share notes to contacts on your cellphone. How do you fit into this app? Download the application directly here.

3. Google Keep

Google Keep

It has been downloaded and used by more than 600,000 Android users on PlayStore. This application is made by Google as Google Keep.

The launch of supporting applications and making it easier for you to write important things on your cellphone, Google Keep is accompanied by an easy note writing feature with shapes list can also embed photos into notes.

You can also attach colors and labels to distinguish one note from other important notes. Also, it will be easier for you to embed the location in the note.

For example, you have to go to the market, then pin the location on the note and Google Keep will automatically remind you. Easy? Click here and get the Google Keep app.

4. OneNote


OneNote, an application developed by Microsoft Corporation. This application to record all important things is suitable for you, both students, employees, or just ordinary people. For students, this application can be used as a notebook.

Just like a book, you can doodle and mark every important thing. Also, for the common people can make it reminder to shop or do other things.

As a worker, you can jot down the things you need to do today, tomorrow and even so. You can download the OneNote app here.

5. SomNote


Presents a beautiful interface with beautiful colors simple. The note application this time comes as SomNote. In the SomNote application, you can use the feature to write various kinds of notes.

In addition to taking notes and writing, SomNote application users can organize and create folders for each note that has been made. Of course, you can guarantee the security of your notes with the features lock which is available. How do you like the SomNote application? Click here and download the application.

6. Squid

squid note_

The Squid app allows users to create notes and memos very easily. The display of notes in this application is similar to a book, you know. In fact, you can write using your finger or a stylus pen with this app.

The appearance of the writing on the notes also looks like handwriting. You can also choose the paper size according to your needs. Exporting memos and notes to PDF files is also possible in the Squid app.

Other options such as changing note color and importing images are also available. Try the Squid application by clicking on the following link.

7. EasyNotes


Next up, there’s EasyNotes. This application provides easy-to-use note-taking and memo-making features. You can make notes by category, such as work, shopping, and so on.

In EasyNotes there are also sticky notes which can be selected color, or changed backgroundaccording to taste. You can add photos and audio to notes made here, you know.

Don’t worry, all the notes you make will be automatically saved in the app. You can also share notes and memos that you have made in this application. Interested in trying? Download EasyNotes here.

8. Qt Notes

qt notes_

If you want to take notes with cute backgrounds, then choose the Qt Notes app. In this application, you can make notes or memos according to their type. Among them to-do-listcourse materials, grocery lists, and more.

As previously stated, the highlight of this application is the cute and colorful note themes. This one application is also very easy to use and of course can be downloaded for free. Download Qt Notes here.

9. WeNote


WeNote is a fairly complete notes and memo app. This application provides easy note-taking features that can be categorized according to their activities. Each record will be labeled separately and can be grouped with other similar records.

Not only can you add notes by typing, you can also take notes by hand through the WeNote application. In addition, you can add attachments to the notes you create, such as photos and audio.

You can also link notes and memos created with the calendar on your phone. Best of all, this application can be relied on to help create reminders of an important event or activity.

This application can be downloaded and used for free. However, some features such as templates Colors for Notes are only available if you have a premium subscription.

10. Notion


The Notion app allows you to take important notes on your phone without limits. Yes, you can compose and write as many notes as you want easily through this one application.

Apart from being able to be used by yourself, in its premium version, the Notion app allows you to take notes with friends or coworkers.

Another feature that can be enjoyed in this application is direct synchronization with other devices such as PC or Mac. Download Notion by clicking this link.

Those are the 10 best note and memo apps for your Android phone. You can choose one of the ten applications above that you can customize to your needs. So, have you decided which application to use?