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10 Best Mouse Brands for Work and Gaming 2022

Mouse or “mouse” is one of the computer accessories whose existence is indispensable. From time to time mouse technology continues to develop so that users get the best experience with it. Now many users are switching to a wireless mouse, aka without cables.

The best mouse brands in the world generally come from high-tech countries, both from Asia, America, and Europe. They make mice for various purposes, mainly for work and playing games. No need to go far abroad to buy these sophisticated mice because we can already buy them in Indonesia.

In the following, we will discuss information about the best mouse brands from various countries in the world. Come on, just check it below and find out whether the brand of mouse you are using is on this list or not.

1. Logitech

10 Best Mouse Brands for Work and Gaming [year] 1

Who here doesn’t know the Logitech brand? This is a leading company from mainland Europe that produces various computer equipment, such as keyboards, webcams, microphones, and of course mice. Logitech is not a foreign brand among gadget lovers in the world, including in Indonesia.

Mouse products with the Logitech brand often get a lot of positive responses because what they offer always understands the needs of users. They manufacture various types of mice such as classic mice, wireless mice, silent mice, and so on using world-class technologies.

It doesn’t just stop there, as a high-end brand, Logitech designs their mouse products with a cool appearance, comfortable to hold, and pleasing to the eye. The bottom line is that Logitech mice are unlikely to disappoint you.

How about the price? As the saying goes “there’s a price there’s quality”, Logitech mice are sold at varying prices. Some people may think it’s quite expensive, but the value you pay is very worth the quality it brings.

2. Microsoft

10 Best Mouse Brands for Work and Gaming [year] 3

You must be familiar with this brand. If you are reading this article on a computer, you are definitely using one of Microsoft’s products, namely Microsoft Windows. Not only makes software, Microsoft also makes various kinds of sophisticated hardware, including computer mice.

As a very well-known technology brand, Microsoft mouse products are often recommended by many people to have. Apart from being sophisticated, the mouse from the brand always offers a cool, modern, and futuristic design. One example is the Microsoft Arc Mouse (pictured above) which is sold at Rp. 1 million!

Microsoft also has other mouse products that are sold at affordable prices, such as the Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse and the Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850. Both are priced at around Rp. 200 thousand. Expensive? What you will get is a cool and classy mouse product!

3. Apple

10 Best Mouse Brands for Work and Gaming [year] 5

Known as a high-end brand, mouse products made by Apple are also widely liked by people in the world, especially Mac computer users. You must think that Apple mice are sold at a high price, right? Don’t worry, it’s not wrong.

The Apple brand, which is already very well-known for its premium, is certainly very influential on the selling price of their high-quality products. Magic Mouse 2, for example, you have to get these items at a fairly expensive price, which is around Rp. 1.5 million! Imagine for a mouse you have to pay that much.

But it’s not just a matter of style. Apple lovers must have felt how sophisticated the technology is in every Apple product they buy. If you have a lot of money it can’t hurt to buy one of them, including their cool mouse.

4. Philips

10 Best Mouse Brands for Work and Gaming [year] 7

Philips is one of the oldest electronics companies in the world. This Dutch company has existed since the 19th century with the first lamp products. Philips made computer peripheral products such as mouse only in the 1990s. The hallmark of Philips products is a design that is not adventurous, quality, and has good ergonomics.

Likewise with the mice they make. Many people are impressed by the Philips mouse because it is very comfortable to use. The grip feels right and there are no lumps that block it. I don’t know if it’s a mouse wireless or wired.

Mouse from Philips also has precise pointing of interest with easy-to-adjust DPI settings. Final, mouse Philips is very durable, its average life span can penetrate at least 3 million clicks, just like a mouse gaming Philips G-404.

5. Dell

10 Best Mouse Brands for Work and Gaming [year] 9

The name Dell may already be familiar to you. Yes, laptops and desktop computers of this brand are widely used by various groups. Starting from students, students, to office workers. They chose Dell because the brand from the United States has a product with good durability.

Apart from selling computers, Dell also produces various kinds of computer peripherals, including mice. The mouse design from Dell may look serious, but its durability is top-notch. Interestingly, the price tag given varies greatly.

Some are under Rp. 100 thousand to half a million, such as the Dell Premier Wireless Mouse WM527 mouse. The mouse offers a comfortable navigation experience, and makes hands not tired when used for hours.

6. HP

10 Best Mouse Brands for Work and Gaming [year] 11

HP mouse models are available for both work and gaming. HP itself is one of the largest information technology companies in the world. They make various types of technology products, such as computers and accessories. In Indonesia, this brand is quite popular because the products it produces are always the choice of many people.

You can buy various models of this brand mouse easily in Indonesia, both online and offline. The price is also quite affordable, you could even say cheap. For example, the HP G200 Gaming Mouse is priced at only IDR 200 thousand! The price is quite attractive for a brand class HP.

7. Razer

10 Best Mouse Brands for Work and Gaming [year] 13

This brand is already quite famous among gamers from various parts of the world. Razer itself is a hardware manufacturing company for gaming originating from America. Founded in 2005, Razer’s products including mice (generally devoted to playing games) have spread to many countries in the world, including Indonesia.

Razer mouse prices also vary, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. Some Razer mouse products are even more expensive than premium mouse models from the brands above. Expensive? Keep in mind, there is a price there is quality. The gamers here must have experienced the sophistication of the Razer mouse.

8. Rexus

10 Best Mouse Brands for Work and Gaming [year] 15

Just by hearing the name, you will already know the character of the resulting product. Yes, Rexus is a local brand that makes peripherals gaming. The main selling point of Rexus is the quality of its products at affordable prices.

So don’t be surprised if you can find a gaming mouse from Rexus with prices starting from Rp. 100 thousand. Like the Rexus Xierra X12 mouse which has a DPI level of up to 7000 with poll rate 1000 Hz. This mouse with a 1 year warranty also supports macro functions.

In addition to the Xierra product line, Rexus has Arka and Daxa Air series mice with better capabilities. Of course at a price of no more than Rp. 1 million.

9. Digital Alliance

10 Best Mouse Brands for Work and Gaming [year] 17

Digital Alliance has long been known to sell graphics cards be it NVidia or AMD. Apart from that they also provide other components such as motherboards, power supplies, and cases. However, activity gaming which is now a new career path in Indonesia, makes Digital Alliance want to support this trend.

Various peripherals gaming also produced by the Digital Alliance, including the mouse. The characteristics of this gaming mouse from a local manufacturer can be seen from the symbol of a robot head. Then, gaming mice from Digital Alliance have a long life, at least it can be up to 10 million clicks. The mice from the Digital Alliance are sold at prices starting at IDR 100,000.


10 Best Mouse Brands for Work and Gaming [year] 19

The gaming trend that continues to squirm has opened ASUS’ eyes to jump in. So in 2006, this Taiwanese technology company established the ROG (Republic of Gamers) division which focuses on producing various equipment for gamers. Starting from motherboardgraphics card, laptop, smartphoneand computer peripherals such as mouse.

ASUS ROG mouse is designed to guarantee the best experience for you gamers professional. Therefore, good performance with high precision is mandatory. Especially if it is used for games with high FPS. In addition to good performance, the comfort factor is also a concern for ASUS ROG mice.

This can be seen with the embedding of several exclusive ASUS ROG buttons, in order to add action options that can be accessed by users just from the mouse. So it is not surprising if the price tag given is in the range of Rp. 600 thousand to Rp. 2 million.

Yes, those are some of the good and best mouse brands. You can choose the mouse above according to your needs and also budget. However, if you have other favorite mouse recommendations, you can write them in the comments column, OK!