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10 Best Invitation Maker Apps on Android 2022

For those of you who want to hold weddings, birthday parties, and other parties, it may be familiar if you have to send an invitation card to guests. However, most people actually spend money just for the invitation card design.

Actually, if you have an Android-based smartphone, you don’t need to bother hiring services to design invitation cards. The reason is, the free application for making invitations on the PlayStore is also able to make your own wedding invitations, you can even make birthday invitations, you know.

This is what is called making a digital wedding invitation card. So, this time Cari Signal will provide 10 application options to make digital invitations. You can make your own wedding invitations or make other invitations. Curious? Check out the following review.

1. Invitation Card Maker & RSVP – Greetings Island

Invitation Card Maker & RSVP - Greetings Island_

Invitation Card Maker & RSVP application can be relied upon to create various types of greeting cards and invitations. Call it like weddings, birthdays, graduations, and big holidays like Christmas.

This application has a large selection of invitation templates that number more than 500 kinds. How to make invitations with this Android application is quite easy. After downloading and installing the application on your cellphone, select the type of event to be invited to in the application.

After that, you can choose an invitation template and customize it to your heart’s content. For example, such as adding text, changing the invitation font, editing the color, and much more. When you’re done, you can directly save or share the invitation file with your guests.

Oh yes, if you subscribe to premium, this application offers special features. One of them is a watermark-free invitation. Try Greetings Island’s Invitation Card Maker & RSVP app here.

2. Invitation Maker – Content Arcade Apps

Invitation Maker - Content Arcade Apps_

Do you want to make your own special event invitation? Try the Invitation Maker app from Content Arcade Apps. In this application, you can create various invitations for various events, such as birthdays, weddings, BBQ parties, to baby showers.

Regarding quality, there is no need to doubt it. This app comes with template designs and HD images.

You can add elements such as text and change image filters as needed. Not to forget, there are many stickers that you can use in invitation cards. Try the Invitation Maker app from Content Arcade Apps here.

3. Invitation Maker, Greeting Card Maker (RSVP) – Nilesh Jain

Invitation Maker, Greeting Card Maker (RSVP) - Nilesh Jain_

This application from Nilesh Jain has many features that can make it easier for you to design your own invitation card. Yes, in the Invitation Maker application, Greeting Card Maker, there are already many invitation templates to choose from, according to the theme of the event.

For example, there are special invitation templates for weddings, birthdays, fiancés, and much more.

This application allows users to edit more freely. You can add photos, text messages, stickers, and so on, to make your invitations look better.

When you create an invitation card in this app, you don’t have to worry about losing the files. Why? Because this application has an autosave feature that saves files automatically.

For your information, you can also easily share invitations made in this application through various social media platforms. So, you don’t have to worry anymore when you want to share digital invitations, okay? Download the Invitation Maker, Greeting Card Maker (RSVP) application by clicking this link.

4. Invitation Card Maker – photoshop mobile apps

Invitation Card Maker - photoshop mobile apps_

The application from Photoshop mobile apps called Invitation Card Maker is also no less complete in features. If you don’t want to bother making invitations from scratch, this application has a ‘Designer’ feature that can create invitation cards automatically in seconds.

You just need to enter the information you want to add to the invitation, then wait for it to complete. You can directly save and share the invitation.

Well, if you have more time, making invitations from scratch through this application is certainly not a problem.

You can choose an invitation card template according to the theme of the event, then add information in the form of text, stickers, effects, and other elements. You can even add photos from the gallery to your invitation.

Come on, try the Invitation Card Maker application from the Photoshop mobile apps by downloading it via this link.

5. Birthday Invitation Maker – Mobi App & Thumbnail Maker Inc

Birthday Invitation Maker - Mobi App & Thumbnail Maker Inc_

As the name implies, this application is here specifically for those of you who want to make birthday invitation cards. In Birthday Invitation Maker, you can create birthday invitation cards with cool and contemporary designs.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can add photos, stickers, and even quotes to the invitation card that you created.

You can adjust the font and background colors according to your needs. You can also add important elements such as photos from your cellphone to the invitation card. You can also use effects and filters for photos according to your taste.

Oh yes, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the invitation files generated by this application, because every file you create can be saved with high quality options.

Uniquely, you can make invitation cards for birthday events with this application without an internet connection. Download the Birthday Invitation Maker app from Mobi App & Thumbnail Maker Inc here.

6. Video Invitation Maker – photoshop mobile apps

Video Invitation Maker - photoshop mobile apps_

For some people, making digital invitations in the form of cards may be familiar. Well, you can rely on another invitation maker application from Photoshop mobile apps, namely Video Invitation Maker to make video invitations.

Yes, video invitations are more in demand because they seem modern and more ‘live’ than regular digital invitations.

Similar to digital invitation applications from photoshop mobile apps, with Video Invitation Maker, you can create digital invitations in the form of videos that are tailored to the theme of the event.

In this application, there are video templates, HD quality backgrounds, and effects that can be added. Come on, create a digital invitation for your special day with Video Invitation Maker. Download the app here.

7. Invitation Maker for Weddings, Birthdays & Events – Desygner Pty Ltd

invitation maker designer_

This app allows you to create digital invitations without taking much time. Moreover, there are already more than 500 invitation templates that match the theme of the event in this application from Desygner Pty Ltd.

If you have chosen the appropriate template, all you have to do is add other information to the invitation. In this application there are also various kinds of effects, icons and fonts that you can use.

Uniquely, elements such as icons and fonts in this application are free. You don’t have to pay extra for icons and fonts like in other invitation maker apps. Download the Invitation Maker for Weddings, Birthdays & Events application via this link.

8. Invitation Maker 2.0

Invitation Maker 2.0

This is a pretty good app for those of you who want to edit or create any kind of invitation card. The reason is, in Invitation Maker 2.0, there are various kinds available templates according to the needs of its users.

Besides templates variety, this application also provides variations background which is interesting. That way, you can produce a unique invitation card.

If you want it to be even more interesting, you can edit it in various ways tools, for example changing the texture, ratio, add text and more. Quite complete, right? Come on, hurry up download the application here.

9. Digital Invitation Card Maker – Magical App Zone

invitation maker - magical app zone_

Similar to other invitation maker apps on Android, Digital Invitation Card Maker from Magical App Zone offers excellent features that can help you to create invitations easily.

In this application, you can create several types of invitations, such as weddings, baby showers, disco parties, and many more. Cool invitation templates are also available in this application. Best of all, you can easily edit and add custom elements to your invitations. Try the app here.

10. Invitation maker 2022 – Splendid App Maker

Invitation maker 2021 - Splendid App Maker_

Not much different, this application has more than 200 invitation templates that are suitable for your every event. Uniquely, in this application you can make invitations in Indonesian.

In addition to invitations, you can also make greeting cards for big holidays, you know. Interested in this application? Download the application directly here.

Well, that’s a collection of applications for making invitations on Android. You can choose this application according to your needs, from making wedding invitations, birthdays, Christmas parties, even to housewarming parties. Very easy isn’t it?