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10 Best Email Opening Apps on Android

Almost every smartphone user today definitely needs email for their daily needs. Both work needs and even school needs.

In this modern and sophisticated era, some people rely on e-mail and see e-mail all the time. That’s why some people need an application to open email on their Android device.

Based on these needs, this time Cari Signal is targeting 10 applications to open the best emails that you can use on Android. Of course, these applications will make it easier for email users. What are the best Email opening apps? Find the answer in the following review.

1. Gmail

app to open Gmail email

Junebe this application to open Email is familiar and not strange anymore to be used among smartphone users, especially Android. Gmail is on the list of the best apps to open Email.

Gmail does make it easier for users to send messages and manage existing emails. What’s more, you can also directly connect to Google Drive to store your important files. Gmail offers more than 5 GB of storage for your Email, Files, and even photos storage space, you know.

Gmail can also be used to connect with various other Google services, one of which is YouTube. And now, Gmail is further enhancing its security for users.

With Gmail, you can not only send email, but also make video calls and chat via group chat. Download the Gmail app here.

2. Microsoft Outlook


In addition to Gmail, there is another application to open Email, namely Microsoft Outlook. Outlook application allows you to easily send and receive Emails, including priority Emails.

You can also connect all Email accounts from various other applications. One of them is Gmail. For those of you who often have meetings at the office, Outlook can be directly connected to the calendar. So, your meeting schedule can be immediately scheduled.

Because Outlook is a Microsoft product, this application can be linked with other products, such as Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint. Try Microsoft Outlook by downloading it here.

3. Yahoo Mail

yahoo mail_

Yup, this legendary Email service provider still exists today. Yahoo Mail even improves and updates the features it offers.

One of the features that you as a user can enjoy is connecting Email addresses from other platforms, such as Gmail and Outlook.

Uniquely, you can easily search for attached files in Yahoo Mail. Not only that, another feature that you should try in Yahoo Mail is theme customization. Yes, now you can customize your Yahoo Mail theme, according to your personality and needs.

About storage, you don’t have to worry about it filling up quickly, right? Yahoo Mail provides more than 500 GB of storage for its users. Give Yahoo Mail a try by downloading its Android app here.

4. Email – Edison Software

email - edison software_

Email from Edison Software is an Email reader app on Android that is worth a try too. This application has a feature that will unify your Emails according to their type, in one place.

For example, billing emails that you receive will be collected with similar emails, so you will have no trouble finding billing emails.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about running out of storage due to piling up emails. This application can delete your pile of Emails without taking much time, you know.

And of course, Email from Edison Software can be linked to accounts of other email service providers, such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and many more. Download the Email application from Edison Software by clicking this link.

5. Bluemail

Blue Mail

Blue Mail, an application to open Email the best and you can use on your Android device. Not much different from Alto and Aqua Mail. Both offer convenience in managing and organizing your Email.

In addition to making it easier to manage files and emails, Blue Mail also offers a feature where users can change the sound of incoming email notifications. Even users can enjoy and use the Dark theme that has been provided by Blue Mail.

It’s not enough, Blue Mail offers a feature where the downloaders of this application can create an Email group.

You can create an Email group in the Blue Mail application to make your work easier of course. Then, this app too support for IMAP, POP3 + Exchange (ActiveSync, EWS, 365) Auto Configuration. Easy isn’t it? Downloading it is also very easy, just click here.


mail.ru_ offers you many useful features. With this application, you don’t have to be afraid of spam emails that accumulate, because will sort out harmful emails directly.

In this Email application. You can also enjoy other features like secret folder. In this folder, you can store important files safely.

Just for your info, this application also has a filter that can separate your Email according to its category. For example, Unread Emails and Emails with attachments.

Don’t worry, you can connect with other email service providers, such as Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo Mail. So, you don’t have to bother ‘moving’ important Emails from your old account to Download the app here.

7. MyMail


A simple and easy-to-read design and features that make it easier for Email users, that’s what can describe one application to open Email, MyMail. You can manage all your emails, you can even create privacy to keep your emails confidential.

MyMail users can also search for folders, or even Email with the file finder feature that has been installed in MyMail. In addition, you can create folders to organize and organize Email. Very easy isn’t it? Click here to download MyMail.

8. Yandex Mail

yandex mail_

Yandex Mail is also quite popular among internet users. This app allows you to add other accounts, such as Gmail,, Yahoo Mail, and many more. To add an account, you just need to click on the + icon to the right of the avatar present in Yandex Mail.

Oh yes, in the Yandex Mail application, you can view attachments sent by the Email sender without having to open the Email.

The attachment will appear next to the subject. If the attachment size is too large, Yandex Mail will immediately save it on Yandex Disk, so you can open the attachment at a later time.

Amazingly, Yandex Mail can work offline. So, when you need a file that is in an email, a bill stored in an email, you can directly access it without even connecting your phone to an internet connection. Download the Yandex Mail app here.

9. Spark Email

sparks email_

Spark Email can also be the first choice for those of you who are looking for an Email opener application on Android. In this application, there are various features that users can enjoy, such as Email filters and categories, dark mode, special notifications for important Emails, and much more.

The Spark Email app also allows you to use and connect other Emails, such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and others. Try the app here.

10. Aqua Mail

application to open the best email Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail is also included in one of the applications to open the best and of course also the easiest Email. Free without paying to download, this application also offers a feature where users can access more than two Emails at once in one application.

You will also find it easy to manage your incoming email, outgoing email, and files in this application.

If you are disturbed by the promo ads installed on Aqua Mail, you can use the premium feature which will delete the promo. Interested in installing this application? Just click here and you can download it right away.

So, those are the recommendations for 10 applications to open the best emails that are also practical for you. Any of the above apps you’d like to use?