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10 Best Comic Reading Apps on Android 2022

Almost everyone, from young people to adults, is familiar with this type of reading, comics. Comics are one type of reading with the addition of various interesting animations so that many people feel at home for a long time to dive into this one reading.

In the past, people read comics with comic books, but this is different from today’s sophisticated era. Only through a smartphone, nowadays all comic lovers can enjoy reading by using an application to read comics, both reading comics offline and reading comics online.

This time, Carisignal will discuss 10 applications for reading the most popular comics on Android. In fact, one of the applications for reading this comic is from Indonesia, you know! Do you like reading comics? Try these ten applications first.

1. LINE Webtoon


Applications for reading comics on this one may already be familiar to most people. Webtoon is one of the most popular applications for reading comics with a total of more than 600,000 application downloads. The comics provided in the Webtoon application are very diverse.

So that makes comic lovers feel at home for a long time to read it. More than 7000 comics genre romance, horror, comedy, superhero, and others are provided by Webtoon for free. You can enjoy reading these online comics for free without any costs you have to spend.

However, if you don’t want to read online, you can still read comics offline via Webtoon by downloading the comic and then saving it. Easy isn’t it? If you are interested, you can click here to download the Webtoon application.

2. MangaToon


Want to read comics as well as manga in one application? If so, the right choice to download MangaToon.

This one free application provides a lot of genre comic story, starting from action, romance, slice of life, and many more. For the convenience of the readers, MangaToon not only prepares interesting stories but also displays images with good quality and resolution.

In addition, for those of you who don’t want to read comics online, on line, then you can take advantage of the features downloads.

This feature makes it easy for you to read comics without being connected to the internet. So, all you have to do is download the comics you want to read, then the downloaded comics will be saved in the file storage your cellphone, and read it offline. Easy, right?

3. WebComics


If you want to read comics with varied themes and stories, then try downloading the WebComics application.

This free application presents comics with 1080 HD resolution. Also, you can always updates latest comics you know. More than 500 comics are available in WebComics. So what are you waiting for? Immediately read comics on WebComics.



BILIBILI COMICS is a comic reading application with complete features and reading collections. You can read comics and manga from a variety of genres, such as comedy, teen romance, harems, and more.

The comics and manga in this application are certainly written and translated by professional creators and translators. Some of the popular titles that can be read on BILIBILI COMICS are Emperor in-law, Tales of Demons and Gods and Heaven’s Official Blessing.

No need to worry, this application can be downloaded for free and you can also read the web comics offline. Download the BILIBILI COMICS app here.

5. Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited

For those of you who like and are fans of stories from Marvel, it is mandatory to download the Marvel Unlimited application. The reason is, this application is a special comic reading application for Marvel stories.

Noted, this application provides more than 20,000 digital comics that can be read online on line nor offline. Well, if you want to read offline then you have to download the comic first. Interested?

6. Manta


For those of you looking for a free comic reading app, give Manta a try. This application does not require users to pay the rate per episode, you know.

Yes, you just need to subscribe to the app to get unlimited access to any comic episode you want.

Oh yes, the Manta application has a large selection of exciting comics and manga. Among them are Totem’s Realm, Timing, Flip Turn, Love Jinx, and many more. Download the Manta app here.

7. Tapas


Still with comic applications that you can directly read on your Android phone. This time, we recommend an app called Tapas for you. Why? Because, this application is also no less good than some of the previously mentioned applications.

At Tapas, you can read all kinds of comics that were dropped by students author who is really good at making comics. Para’s ability authorThis is evidenced by the sales of the best-selling comics you know. Curious to know how good the comic story in Tapas is? Download here.

8. CDisplayEx Comic Reader

CDisplayEx Comic Reader_

CDsiplay Ex Comic Reader is suitable for those of you who are looking for an application to read comic files with various extensions. Call it like cbz, cbr and pdf.

In this application, you can easily connect to various cloud drives such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Onedrive, so you will have no trouble importing the comic or manga file you want to read.

This one application also has several other features such as Night Mode and language selection. Interested? Get the CDisplay Ex Comic Reader application for Rp. 77,000 here. If you want to try the lite version which can be downloaded for free, try this link.

9. Challenger Comics Viewer

Challenger comics viewer

If the application for reading comics previously offered reading via PC and Smartphone, it was different from the Challenger Comics Viewer application on this one. The advantage of this offline and online comic reading application is that it offers comic reading without ads or ADDS.

Apart from being free from ads or ADDS, this application for reading comics is quite unique because it provides more classic comics. Even though it’s a classic, the Challenger Comics Viewer app is pretty good and has a lot of readers you know.

Various kinds of features are also provided and offered by Challenger Comics Viewer. One of them is that the readers can choose to read vertically or horizontally. Not only that, the readers can also adjust the brightness of the light in the comic. Interesting right? You want to download this app? Click here to download.

10. Astonishing Comic Reader

Antonishing comic reader

Well, back again with an application to read comics in a classic style. Previously it was discussed that there is an application that provides classic comics, this time also Astonishing Comic Reader provides various kinds of stories with the superhero genre.

This application for reading comics is quite unique by only providing stories related to superheroes. So, this application is perfect for those of you who like to read Marvell or DC comics.

If you feel comfortable with this one online comic reading application, you can click here to download the application.

Well, that’s a collection of applications for reading the most popular comics on Android. Which is your favorite application choice?