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10 Best Cheap Gaming Monitor Prices Starting at 1 Million

Cheap Gaming Monitors – Although in PC gaming the most important thing is the PC itself, the monitor is one component that gamers should also pay attention to. This is because the monitor is a component that will display everything that is processed on the PC. It’s useless if your PC has entered the mid-high or high-end category, but the monitor is not on par with its class.

Therefore, choosing a monitor carefully is also important when assembling a gaming PC. However, even though the monitor is important too, you must also be careful in choosing. You have to consider what resolution you want and of course it must be synchronized with your PC. You won’t be satisfied if you want to play games with 4K resolution and the graphics configuration is right and the average fps is 60s, but the VGA card still uses an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780.

You have to pay attention to the price aspect as well when you want to buy a gaming monitor. On this occasion, we will provide a list of cheap gaming monitors priced at Rp. 2 million with cool quality. Follow to the end.

10 Cheap Gaming Monitors

1. Cheap Gaming Monitor – Samsung C22F390FHE

Price: IDR 1,975,000

Cheap Gaming Monitor

Technological products can be said to be technology that has an increasingly depreciating economic value. This is due to the rapid development factor which sometimes only takes a matter of months. Likewise with a concave monitor. Concave monitors are growing in popularity and are starting to be used for gaming needs. Well, for those of you who are looking for a cheap gaming monitor at a price of Rp. 1 million, you can glance at the Samsung C22F390FHE. This monitor carries a Full HD resolution and measures 21.5 inches. The size and resolution has become the standardization of today’s gaming needs. In addition, this monitor supports FreeSync technology.

2. Cheap Gaming Monitor – ASUS VC239H

Price: IDR 2,300,000

Cheap Gaming Monitor

The second cheap gaming monitor is a product from ASUS, namely the ASUS VC239. This monitor has a fairly large size and stylish design with thin bezels. This kind of design not only makes the monitor look cool, but also allows users to get a wider viewing angle. In addition, this monitor is equipped with GamePlus features that maximize your gaming session.

3. Cheap Gaming Monitor – MSI Optix G24C

PriceL Rp 3,885,000

Cheap Gaming Monitor

MSI is not only participating in the battle for gaming laptops, but now they are also enlivening the competition for the best gaming monitors. One of its products is the MSI Optix G24C. This monitor has a relatively affordable price when you look at the price. By spending less than IDR 3 million, you can get a 24-inch monitor with a cool thin bezel design. What’s more, this monitor supports a 144 Hz refresh rate. What else is missing?

4. Cheap Gaming Monitor – Lenovo ThinkVision S22e-19

Price: IDR 1,750,000

Cheap Gaming Monitor

The fourth cheap gaming monitor is a product from Lenovo called ThinkVision S22e-19. This monitor comes with a size of 21.5 inches and a thin bezel design. The price is also very affordable. You can get a 22-inch Full HD monitor for less than IDR 2 million. Coupled with a high contrast ratio (3000), this monitor is worthy of being a monitor for your gaming needs.

5. Cheap Gaming Monitor – BENQ Zowie RL2460

Price: IDR 2,950,000

Cheap Gaming Monitor

Are you a fan of e-sports games like Dota 2, CS: Go, or others? This cheap gaming monitor from BENQ can really be your choice. This monitor has a Full HD resolution and a size of 24 inches which for us is very sufficient for gaming needs. Even though it doesn’t support a 144 Hz refresh rate, this monitor is equipped with Game Mode and Black eQualizer features that make it easier for you to aim at your opponent.

6. LG 27MP59G-P

Price: IDR 3,450,000

Cheap Gaming Monitor

As we know, gaming products have now entered the premium category. The design of gaming line products in each brand has its own characteristics. This is what makes gaming monitors that have cool designs priced at high prices. However, not with this LG product. This gaming monitor from LG, even though it has a cool design like a gaming product, is very affordable. What’s more, this monitor has a large size.

7. ViewSonic VX2257

Price: IDR 2,067,000

Cheap Gaming Monitor

Next there are products from ViewSonic. ViewSonic’s name has been in the computer monitor market for a long time in the world and in Indonesia. They issued an affordable monitor that is really suitable for gaming called the ViewSonic VX2257. Although the design is not a thin bezel model like the monitors in the previous sequence, this monitor is very sufficient for the needs of today’s gaming. This monitor carries Full HD resolution and features for image optimization for every game genre such as RTS, MOBA, FPS, and others.


Price: IDR 3,269,000

Cheap Gaming Monitor

Although 4K monitors are starting to become quite popular now because graphics cards now support the UHD resolution, Full HD resolution monitors are still very feasible to use. Especially now that there are many FHD monitors with a refresh rate of 144 Hz, one of which is the ACER KG251QF. This gaming monitor from ACER is also supported by FreeSync technology for smoother gaming.

9. MSI Optix MAG241C

Price: IDR 3,485,000

Mura Gaming Monitor

MSI has now started competing for monitors that already support gaming needs. One of its products is the MSI Optix MAG241C. This monitor comes with FHD resolution and also a refresh rate of 144 Hz. With this, this gaming monitor is perfect for FPS games such as CS: GO, Doom, and others.

10. ASUS VP228H

Price: IDR 1,630,000

Cheap Gaming Monitor

The last one is the ASUS VP228H. Even though this monitor doesn’t belong to the ROG or TUF Gaming line, the VP228H is perfect for your gaming needs. The price is very affordable for those of you who are looking to build their dream PC gaming with a limited cost.