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10 Best Chatting Apps on Android Smartphone 2022

Do you have a problem and need someone to listen and need a solution? Now there are many Android applications that provide services for psychologists and psychiatrists, you know.

So, those of you who don’t have time to go directly to a clinic or hospital, can rely on these applications to carry out counseling sessions.

With these applications, it is easy for you to tell anything whether you are telling stories by typing, voice and video calls. You can also redeem prescription drugs given by doctors, including psychiatrists.

Not only with psychiatrists and psychologists, some of these applications also serve consultation sessions with general practitioners and other specialists. What applications are they? Check out the full list below.

1. Riliv – Talk to a Psychologist

application to vent Riliv

Who says that you have to pay millions to get a consultation from a psychologist? This does not apply to one application to confide in, Riliv. The reason is that the application that offers this vent is indeed a consultation with a psychologist.

You can confide in a psychologist who is already a pro or even just consult a few students from the psychology department. You don’t have to worry about your name being spread out and listed in the Riliv app. Because the application to confide in this one will keep your identity anonymous and private.

Riliv also claims that this application will be able to provide understanding and attention for those of you who want to vent. Want to talk with Riliv? No need to bother, just click here and you can immediately vent to your heart’s content.

2. Hellodoc


Another vent application on Android is Halodoc. In this application, you can consult as well as vent with clinical psychologists and also psychiatric specialists who have official practice permits.

You can carry out vent sessions via chat, telephone and video calls, according to appointments made with experts.

Not only that, at Halodoc you can schedule a consultation with a psychiatrist or psychologist at the nearest hospital. This application also offers the purchase of medicines and complete medical devices. Try Halodoc here.

3. Alodokter


This application is almost the same as Halodoc. You can conduct consultations and vent with experts, such as psychiatrists and clinical psychologists who have practice certifications.

Don’t worry, the experts at Alodokter will respond quickly, so you don’t have to worry about losing a lot of time during the chat session.

In addition to venting, you can also use this application as a means of health consultation with many specialist doctors and general practitioners. Alodokter also has Aloshop, a complete health shop ready to answer your needs. Download the Alodokter app here.

4. HealthyQ


Some of you may already know the name SehatQ. Yes, SehatQ itself has a website that provides various types of health articles.

Now, SehatQ has entered the world of applications on Android phones, you know. You can rely on the SehatQ application for consultation with experts. Well, if you need to tell a story, in this application there are psychologists and psychiatrists who are ready to listen to your story.

Not only psychologists and psychiatrists, you can also consult other health problems with specialist doctors, such as oncology, radiology, plastic surgery, and many more.

You can also make reservations for medical examinations such as MRI, biopsy, ultrasound, CT Scan, to PCR swab tests. Try SehatQ by downloading it via this link.

5. ClickDoctor


Need an application that can serve vent for 24 hours? Try KlikDokter. This application, which has existed for several years, serves consultations with experts, such as clinical psychologists and psychiatric specialists.

This 24/7 consultation is available for premium members of KlikDokter. However, don’t worry, even those of you who don’t have a premium subscription can have a chat session with experts starting at 08.00 – 23.00 WIB. Download the KlikDokter application here.


talk about.id_ is a special application for counseling with psychologists on Android. In this app, you can have conversation sessions with more than 20 professional psychologists.

The application also has an e-journaling feature that makes it easier for you to write things related to your mental health. In this application there is also a lot of psychological content that is easy to understand by anyone. Download the application here.

7. My best friend

my best friend_

Next, there is the My Friends application. In this application there is a consultation service with a psychologist that is safe and confidential.

Not only that, you can also watch a variety of video content and articles that contain topics around psychological problems. This application is very suitable for use by anyone, especially teenagers who still need a lot of time to vent. Download my friend via this link.



KALM is one of the many online vent applications on Android that provides psychologist counseling services, complete with features that support your mental health recovery.

In this application, you can tell about the problems you are experiencing to a professional psychologist called Kalmselor. And of course, the vent session that was held was kept confidential.

Not only that, the KALM application offers a mood tracker and gratitude journal that can be accessed without any fees. Download the KALM application at this link.

9. Telling


If you are a student, then the Diisahin application is perfect for you to use. Yes, this application provides counseling services, especially for Indonesian students.

Uniquely, in this application you can conduct counseling sessions and vent with psychologists of the same age. So, feeling shy when telling stories can be reduced and you can talk more freely.

You can also have anonymous chat sessions with the Diisahin application. Download the application via the following link.

10. MyDoctors


The MyDoctors app offers you a variety of useful features. One of them is a vent session with a psychologist who can help maintain mental health.

In this application, you can consult with general practitioners and specialists. Relax, this application allows you to schedule counseling and consultations as needed.

So, you don’t need to be afraid that the counseling session schedule will collide with other activities. Try to vent in the MyDoctors app by downloading it here.

Well, those are the 10 best vent applications for the Carisignal version. Now, you don’t have to worry about having trouble talking about all the problems you’re having. You can also maintain mental health conditions by regularly consulting with experts.

You can choose one of the 10 counseling applications and talk to the most suitable experts to use. From the 10 lists above, is there an app that’s right for you?

If you have counseling experience through the applications that have been discussed above, please share it in the comments column, yes.