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10 Best Apps for Writing on Android Screen

Want to write directly on your Android screen without using the keyboard? You can choose one of the 10 best Android apps for writing on the screen, the Carisignal version. In this discussion, we will discuss all the features found in the best Android writing applications.

Discover the convenience of how to write on the Android home screen. With this application for writing on the Android screen, users will not be bothered to type using the keyboard and can also create writing as desired. Want to? Check out the following review.

1. Writer Plus

Writer Plus

Writer Plus is one of the best apps where you can write anything using just your smartphone. In its application, Writer Plus offers a variety of features, for example, there are: undo, redo, night mode, folder support, and many more.

In fact, Writer Plus is also claimed to not take up a lot of energy from your phone. Very light, this application will only take up 788KB of space you know.

2. Squid


Applications for writing on the HP screen can also take advantage of the Squid application which was hacked by the third party developer of Steadfast Innovations, LLC. This application offers advantages in writing on the Android screen like you write on paper.

Of course the results of the writing that you make will be displayed with the sensation and form of handwritten results. Just by writing using your finger on the Android screen, you can already feel the uniqueness of writing on the Android screen.

In addition, you can Undo/redo, select, move, and resize for your own writing. Are you interested in using the Squid application? If interested, just click here and get the application right away.

3. INKredible


Still with the application with a sense of writing on a book. This application comes with the name INKredible. This application will pamper and make it easier for you to feel the sensation of writing on the Android screen like you are writing on paper using a pen.

Feature beautiful, claimed by the INKredible application for writing results that are neater, more attractive, and also more beautiful to look at compared to you writing the original on paper. This INKredible application also provides all its designs in a simple and easy-to-understand way for its users. Interested? Just click here and immediately download the application.

4. LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard

LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard

Have you ever thought about taking notes while chat in the same application? Well, that’s what the LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard application offers. This is an application where you can take notes like on a whiteboard LIVE with your friends or coworkers.

Everything you write will be displayed automatically real time in one particular forum created by you. So only you and the people you invite to the forums on LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard can see what you write.

Also, you can add images, change colors, and there are even various types available font styles. Good, right?

5. Pure Writer

Pure Writer_

One of the best apps for writing on Android is Pure Writer. With this app, you can write without fear of losing your writing. Yes, this application will save your writing automatically.

Pure Writer application will check your writing in the database every two seconds, you know. If your writing fails to save, then the app will send you a notification.

Another feature that Pure Writer has is the button undo and redo. Well, when you make a mistake in writing, this button you can rely on. So you don’t have to write it again from scratch, or delete it manually.

The ‘Trash’ folder is also available in the application. This folder is presented so that when writing is deleted, you can check it again in the folder. Oh yes, every writing you make in this application can be saved on your cellphone or on the internet cloud drive. Download Pure Writer here.

6. Write


You can do doodles in digital books with the Write application. This application provides a feature where users can write and even doodle on the Android screen, especially for you digital book users.

You can put a mark or note in any text that you create. You can even draw by just using the Write application. The sensation of writing on the Android screen neatly and attractively is also offered by this application carried by Stylus Labs.

In addition to writing like in a notebook, users can use the features copy, paste also you can set the size pen as well as the colors that will be used to write on the screen. Quite easy and complete, want? Click here and directly download the application.

7. JotterPad


This JotterPad application has a function where users can write anything. You can come up with creative ideas with the help of the JotterPad tool. Not just writing, because you can also edit existing documents, be it from cloud storage or documents that are already on your phone.

Well, if you have finished writing notes, you can immediately save them as a PDF file. However, if you don’t want tosave in PDF, it is also possible to save it in doc format. Interested in using the JotterPad app? If interested, you can directly download the application here.

8. Moon Writer

moon writer_

Next up, there’s Moon Writer. This application for writing on the Android screen has no less complete features.

You can create all kinds of writing, such as small notes, articles, to write a daily schedule with Moon Writer. This one application can also save writing files automatically, so you don’t need to be afraid of losing the writing that has been made.

In this application, you can make edits to the text, including changing the font. Try the Moon Writer application by downloading it here.

9. Writer – writer app

writer -writer app_

You can also rely on this application for writing on your Android phone, including daily notes.

Writer – writer app offers several excellent features. One of them is the privatization of writing to maintain the security of the posts you make. Of course, in this app you can customize and export your posts easily.

This application is also available in a pro version that allows users to lock files, print posts, remove ads, and much more. Download the Writer app here.

10. Bamboo Paper

bamboo paper_

You can use the Bamboo Paper application for all purposes, including writing on your cellphone. You can even add elements such as photos to your posts.

You can also change the ‘paper’ background color as needed. Not only can be used for writing, Bamboo Paper also allows you to make sketches and drawings. Download the Bamboo Paper application by clicking on the following link.

So, have you decided which application for writing on the screen is your own version of the best Android?