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10 Best Apps for Cats on Android Smartphone 2022

Cats are one type of animal that is widely kept by humans. Cats, which are no less intelligent than dogs, are loved and kept by humans because of their cuteness.

This one animal can also be said to have the same level of loyalty as a dog, you know! Like dogs, cats are also easy to train in certain movements such as sitting, standing or even dancing. Funny, yes!

Raising your own cat looks easy. But of course not as easy as imagined. Many things need to be considered, from the health of the cat itself to the health of the environment in which it lives.

In addition, cats also need to be trained not to defecate indiscriminately, so as not to become a bad habit and trouble the owner.

Well, if you want to keep or have had a cat but still need guidance and insight into cat care, you can rely on an application for cats that you can download on the Google Play Store.

1. Mouse for Cat Simulator

mouse for a cat_

Want to take your cat to play? Try the Mouse for Cat Simulator app. This app is a special game for cats. In this game, your cat has to ‘catch’ the mice that run across the screen. Later, there will be coins that are obtained.

Not only mice, in this application, your cat can also catch other animals such as lizards. Try the Mouse for Cat Simulator app here.

2. Paint Alone

paint alone_

Cat Alone is also a fun cat game app. In this game, the sweetie can catch several animals such as lizards, beetles, lasers, flies, and many more.

This Cat Alone game can help your sweet one avoid boredom and stress, you know. Try the Cat Alone app here.

3. Paint Alone 2


In addition to Cat Alone, you can invite cats to play with the Cat Alone 2 application. You can train your sweetie’s agility through the action of catching lasers, catching spiders to grains of water through the Android phone screen. Cool, right?

This application is suitable for preventing stress on your pet cat. Eits, don’t forget to install anti-scratch or use smartphone with good screen protection huh! Wrong screen smartphone You can scratch the nails of the sweet because it is too agile to play. Want to try it? you candownload the Cat Alone 2 app is here.

4. Paint Scanner

paint scanner_

This application is useful for those of you who want to know the breed of your favorite cat. The way to find cat breeds with Cat Scanner is quite easy.

You just need to scan the sweetie with the camera, or upload the photo to the app. After that, wait for the results scanits out.

In this Cat Scanner app, you can also join the community and meet lots of other cat owners. Try the Cat Scanner application by downloading it via this link.

5. MeowTalk


You want to better understand the wishes of the sweet? Try the MeowTalk app. With this app, you can translate what your cat wants when it meows. For example, when the sweet asked to eat, angry, or even want to rest.

You can use the features auto translate to translate, or periodically train the MeowTalk app to identify the meaning of cat sounds. Download the MeowTalk app here.

6. PetCoach

10 Apps For PetCoach Cats

First, there’s the PetCoach app. In the PetCoach application, you can ask your cat’s health directly to a veterinarian to a nutritionist, you know. You can also ask them about cat behavior that you don’t understand.

In addition, through the PetCoach application you can find out how to train cats not to defecate in any place so that they know the meaning of their behavior and the sounds they make at certain times. Are you curious? Try the application directly here.

7. 11Pets


Application made by developer 11 Pets is arguably one of the best apps out of 10 apps for cats on Android.

11Pets allows you to easily monitor your sweetie’s health. In this application you can set reminders for medication schedules, vaccinations, nail care, teeth to intestinal worms.

You can also include your cat’s medical records such as X-rays to blood tests. 11 Pets also allows you to find the nearest professional vet to make it easier for you when you need their help.

In short, through the 11 Pets application you can monitor the health of your pet cat thoroughly and practically. Interested in using this application? Please click this link todownload.

8. Cat Training


The next out of 10 apps for cats on Android is Cat Training. With this one application, you can find out how to train a cat to use litter boxknowing what to do and what not to do with cats to learning techniques to get your cat to come to you when your name is called.

The Cat Training app also allows you to find out what it means from the wag of the tail to the sound. In addition, with this application you can also find out what kind of playground is suitable for cats. Download The Cat Training app is here now to find other tips and tricks about cat care.

9. PetDesk


Not much different from the PetCoach and 11Pets applications, in the PetDesk application there are features reminder to remind you of your favorite cat’s vaccination schedule or examination. You can also find a veterinarian to groomer professional with this app.

According to AndroidAuthority, the PetDesk app is free, aka free and doesn’t have any features in-app purchases. Interested in this application? Download PetDesk app is here right now.

10. Cat Fishing 2


The next application is Cat Fishing 2. Unlike Pocket Pond 2, Cat Fishing 2 which is a games which is produced directly by the cat food brand, Friskies, made with the aim of entertaining your cute cats.

If the appearance of Pocket Pond looks real, Cat Fishing 2 has a pretty interesting animated appearance. In this application, your beloved cat can catch the fish that appear on the screen. There will be a score obtained according to the results of the ‘catches’ of the cats.

The higher the score, the more difficult the game will be. It’s fun too, huh! Want to try games this one? Please download Cat Fishing 2 app is here.

Well, that’s the application for cats on Android that you can use to monitor your health to hone your sweetie’s agility anytime and anywhere.

All of the above applications you can directly download for free. Some of them even exist that you can use without an internet connection though.

If you are a cat fan and are looking for recommendations for cat games on Android, please refer to the article on the 10 Best Cat Games that you can play on Android smartphone You.