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10 Best Apps for the Blind on Android 2022

The applications on Android can be enjoyed by many people, including those who are blind. These applications are made especially for them and aim to make blind people live more independent and more confident lives.

These applications use smartphone technology to operate. For example, there is an application to identify or recognize the value of the rupiah currency.

The application in its work uses the phone’s camera and then the information obtained is processed into sound. With this, the visually impaired can easily find out the nominal currency they hold.

There are also applications that also use the operator’s GPS. The application can be a guide assistant for blind people who are on the road because the application can read directions and places around them. It must also be very useful for them, right?

Well, in this regard, Carisignal will tell all readers about Android applications that are useful for people with visual impairments. What applications are they? Immediately check the following details.

1. Be My Eyes

be my eyes_

An application for the blind that can be tried on Android is Be My Eyes. For your information, Be My Eyes has won several awards, you know. One of them is the Google Play Awards for the category Best Accessibility Experience.

No wonder, because this app has many useful features for blind siblings.

In the Be My Eyes application, blind siblings will connect with many volunteers who will be ready to help them in carrying out daily activities, such as traveling, doing activities in the kitchen, and many more.

This application allows users and volunteers to connect via voice or video calls.
Later, volunteers will be able to see the atmosphere where their blind friends are through the pictures that appear on the video. After that, the volunteer will guide the blind brother by voice. Download the Be My Eyes app here.

2. Lazarillo GPS for Blind


This application can be an assistant guide for a blind person. By relying on GPS, this application notifies users of the places in the vicinity.

Of course, the notification will be delivered by voice. For example, if in the vicinity of the place there is a road that is being tread or there is a crossroads, then this application will provide a notification.

Lazarillo can run behind the scenes so that the application will still work even if the user is using another relevant application. It’s just that the continuous use of GPS will quickly drain the cellphone battery. Download now this application here.

3. Supersense


Supersense application can also be relied on to help the activities of blind siblings. There are features scanner or a scanner that will tell the position of objects such as chairs, trash cans, beds, clothes and much more.

You can help a blind friend to scan these objects via the camera on your Android phone.

Not only that, Supersense can also help read important documents for blind relatives. You can share it directly to the Supersense app. Later, the application will read the document automatically. Download the Supersense app here.

4. Sullivan+


Sullivan+ offers several features that can make it easier for blind siblings to identify objects, choose clothing colors and read documents using text recognition.

This application also allows blind siblings to know who they meet. Yes, Sullivan+ comes with facial recognition which can detect the presence of a person in the vicinity of a blind sibling.

The Sullivan+ application also has a light sensor that will help blind siblings to find out where the switch is to turn the room lights on or off. Download Sullivan+ for free via the following link.

5. Lookout


Google also provides special applications that can be used by those who are visually impaired and visually impaired.

This application allows users to carry out daily activities with ease. There are various modes that can be used to help read text, documents, sort mail, and much more.

Users can also detect banknotes through the camera easily, you know. In addition, a food identification mode is also available.

Lookout application users can scan what types of food will be consumed by using the food label mode. You can detect it through the barcode on the food packaging. Try the Google Lookout application by downloading it here.

7. Cash Reader

cash reader_

As the name implies, this application is intended for blind brothers who want to know a certain amount of money. Cash Reader will help users scan money held in hand.

You just need to open the app, then place the camera in front of the money you want to scan. After the scan is complete, the application will state the amount of money in the form of sound. There are also writings in large letters that appear on the cellphone screen.

If your phone’s silent mode is active, the Cash Reader application can still scan money. However, once the scan is complete, the amount of money will be conveyed via phone vibration.

Cash Reader supports multi-currency scanning. Starting from Rupiah, Rupee, US Dollar, Peso, and many more. Download Cash Reader here.

8. MyEyes

my eyes_

Through the MyEyes application, users can identify objects easily. Text reading via feature text recognition also available.

Not to forget, there is a face detection feature that can help users identify people around them, even based on their gender.

The MyEyes application also provides object detection features in photos and images, as well as colors on certain objects. Download the MyEyes application for free by clicking the following link.

9. Kibo


Kibo is an application that can be used by blind siblings and nearsighted people. This application helps users to recognize what objects are around.

In addition, Kibo can also be relied upon to detect objects, read text via voice with a customizable language, read books via audio, and much more. Try the application by downloading it via this link.


ComeRead is a book reading application that can be used by our blind brothers and sisters. In the application, you can contribute to reading books (become a kind of audiobook) which can later be listened to by those who are visually impaired.

With this application, more people can now explore the stories or knowledge contained in books.

In addition, by contributing to being a book reader on, you are indirectly helping those with special needs to read books. application can be downloaded here.

With increasingly advanced technology, hopefully in the future there will be more and more applications that are devoted to them and useful in their lives.

Don’t forget to share this article for more people to know. Also read other articles such as the 10 Most Useful Android Apps for Everyday.