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10 Best Android Offroad Game Recommendations

The following are the 10 Best Android Offroad Game Recommendations that you can play at home.

Offroad is an activity to drive a vehicle in various difficult terrain such as steep terrain, full of mud, and rocks. We can do offroad using various types of vehicles ranging from motorcycles and cars. However, how does it feel to do that extreme in a game?

Currently, there are lots of offroad genre games on Android. Well, on this occasion we will share with all of you the best android offroad games at this time. Want to know what the game is? Therefore, see the full review below.

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10 Best Android Offroad Games

1. Offroad Legends 2 Offline

The first game we recommend on this list is Offroad Legends 2 Offline. This game is a game that you can play without internet or offline. Carrying 2D graphics, you will be required to be able to pass through various steep and dangerous tracks.

The controls presented by this game also make it easy for players to play. Don’t forget to upgrade the abilities of every offroad car you have. You can download this game for free on the Play Store.

2. Off Road Open The World

Second, there is an android offroad game whose title is Off Road Open The World. This game carries the concept of an open world, which means you can explore various steep areas in the game.

The graphics presented are also quite detailed. The size itself is only around 303MB, and it’s light enough for an Android open world game. Off Road Open The World has been downloaded 10 million times on the Play Store.

Racing Xtreme 2

The third on this list is a game developed by a developer called T-Bull. This game is called Racing Xtreme 2. The gameplay is quite simple, but once you start playing, you will feel extraordinary excitement.

The size of Racing Xtreme 2 in is only about 180MB. And of course it’s not too big, and will fit perfectly for Android phones now. What’s more interesting, you can play this game offline without internet.

Next Gen 4×4 Offroad

Next there is an android offroad game called Next Gen 4×4 Offroad. This game is perfect for those of you who like challenges. Because in each level there are various interesting obstacles to conquer.

It will test your driving skills to get through the various obstacles that come your way. There are various weather scenarios that will appear on each track ranging from snow, rain, and heat. The point is you will feel at home playing this game for a long time.

Offroad Pro

Do you want to have a free adventure exploring steep terrain while driving an offroad vehicle? You can try Offroad Pro. This game has an open world concept that allows players to freely explore the contents of the entire map.

There are various vehicles that you can drive in this game ranging from ATV, UTV, quad, and many more. The graphics displayed will also amaze you with this game.

Truck Evolution: Offroad 2

Next there is a game called Truck Evolution: Offroad 2. This game focuses on graphic details that are quite real. When you start playing this game, you will feel driving a truck in the middle of steep terrain.

What’s more interesting is that this android offroad game has a size that is quite light, only 100MB. Usually games with 3D graphics like this can be quite large in size, but that’s not the case with Truck Evolution: Offroad 2.

Trucks Off Road

If you really want a game that is very detailed and interesting in terms of gameplay and graphics, you can try Trucks off Road. This game offers everything you could ever want. It can’t be denied, because the size of this game itself is 1.3GB.

The size feels commensurate with the results you will get. You will really feel the detailed and real graphics of this game. There are various terrains or tracks that you can conquer, starting from muddy roads, sloping climbs, and much more.

Ultimate Offroad Simulator

This android offroad game is a game developed by a developer named Sir Studios. The main advantage of this game is the graphics are quite detailed. You can visit various places in this game map.

In addition, there are also many missions that you can follow. In terms of control this game is very easy to operate. It’s not enough, you can change the color of every offroad car you use.

2XL MX Offroad

If you are bored with offroad games that only use cars, you can try 2XL MX Offroad. In this game you can use 16 offroad motorbikes to drive.

There are various tracks, each with its own extreme terrain, which you won’t want to miss. In addition, you can freestyle in the air when your motorbike goes through a high incline.

Exion Off-Road Racing

The last on the list of offroad android games this time is Exion Off-Road Racing. Usually in off-road activities we use trucks, cars, and motorbikes specifically for off-road. In this game you will drive a small medium to conquer steep terrain filled with water and mud.

What makes this game even more interesting to play is the 3D graphics. It will make you more comfortable to play this game. You can download this game for free on the Play Store.

So, those were our recommendations for the best Android offroad games. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Continue to visit Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about games from us.