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10 Best Android Offline TPS Games

TPS Offline Android game is a game that offers adrenaline-filled dynamic action. By presenting the action shooter gameplay, the TPS game is one of the most exciting game themes to play.

TPS (Third-person shooter) is a game genre that is no less popular than the genre shooter more like first-person shooter. This genre is quite mushrooming on various platforms, from consoles, PCs, to mobile.

Shooter games on Android have a lot of fans because we can play them anywhere. So if you are looking for recommendations for the best Android offline TPS games, Dafunda Game has summarized several games that you can try. Without further ado, here’s a summary for you.

10 Best Offline TPS Games for Android Dafunda Game Version

1. Hero Hunters

Hero Hunters
Hero Hunters | Hothead Games

The first recommendation for the best Android Offline TPS Game is Hero Hunters. Hero Hunters is a TPS action game with a combination of shooting gameplay and RPG elements. By combining the two gameplays, the gameplay that is presented becomes even more interesting.

In this game, you can form a team with various characters and different roles. For the gameplay itself, here you will fight to complete various missions.

Although it can be played offline, you must first connect to the internet network when you first play.

Information About Hero Hunters

Game NameHero Hunters
Release DateJune 31, 2022
Download Size104 MB
Developed byHothead Games
Rating on Playstore4.1

2. Cover Fire

Cover Fire
Cover Fire | Game Generation

The second Best Android Offline TPS Game recommendation is Cover Fire. Cover Fire is one of the TPS games that you really don’t want to miss. The reason is, even though this game can be accessed offline, this game comes with a myriad of features and graphical presentations that spoil the players.

This game is one of the most popular TPS games on the Play Store to date. Not only that, Cover Fire also gets very good ratings and reviews. For the gameplay itself, this game carries cover-based shooter gameplay. Not only playing offline, this game also presents an online game mode.

Information About Cover Fire

Game NameCover Fire
Release DateJune 30, 2022
Download Size318 MB
Developed byGame Generation
Rating on Playstore4.5

3. War Tortoise 2

best android offline tps game
War Tortoise 2 | Foursaken Media

The third Best Android Offline TPS Game Recommendation is War Tortoise 2. This game is the second in a series of games entitled War Tortoise. Unlike its predecessors, this game comes with various updates and improvements from its predecessor series.

The most noticeable change is that the graphical presentation in this game has increased significantly. By presenting a unique gameplay concept, here you will control a large war turtle like a battle tank.

This game is perfect for you to play in the midst of a pandemic like now. Because this game can be played offline, aka without quota.

Information About War Tortoise 2

Game NameWar Tortoise 2
Release DateJune 4, 2022
Download Size686 MB
Developed byFoursaken Media
Rating on Playstore4.3

4. Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia

best android offline tps game
Evolution 2 Battle For Utopia | BV

The next Best Android Offline TPS Game Recommendation is Evolution 2. This game tells the story of the Utopia universe from another angle, various aspects of this series get various improvements.

The graphic presentation offered is quite different from its predecessor series, Evolution. In addition to graphics, the gameplay also changes to a mix of TPS action, strategy, and additional RPG elements. The number of features it has makes this game highly recommended to play.

Information About Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia

Game NameEvolution 2: Battle for Utopia
Release DateJune 15, 2022
Download Size449 MB
Developed BV
Rating on Playstore4.4

5. Occupation

best android offline tps game
Occupation |

The next Best Android Offline TPS Game Recommendation is Occupation. Occupation is a TPS game that tells about the discovery of ancient artifacts. After finding it, scientists accidentally activate it and a giant alien mother appears on earth.

People started turning into zombies and monsters. Most governments collude with extraterrestrials. Your task here is to survive in a new world full of creatures and monsters. In addition, you are tasked with finding solutions to the mistakes that scientists have made.

Information About Occupation

Game NameOccupation
Release Date22 June 2013
Download Size69 MB
Rating on Playstore4.3

6. Slaughter 3

best android offline tps game
Slaughter 3 | Ray Spark

The next Best Android Offline TPS Game recommendation is Slaughter 3. The 3rd series of this Slaughter game does not only provide good shooting action. But it also presents plots and stories that you can follow in story campaign mode.

This game tells the story of the escape of the prisoners who rebelled and succeeded in slaughtering the officers. The massacre took place in a large prison complex and was very dangerous because it was inhabited by criminals. This game is perfect for you to play while relaxing at home.

Information About Slaughter 3

Game NameSlaughter 3
Release Date14 September 2022
Download Size558 MB
Developed byRay Spark
Rating on Playstore4.0

7. Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

Six Guns Gang Showdown
Six Guns Gang Showdown | Gameloft SE

The next Best Android Offline TPS Game Recommendation is Six-Guns: Gang Showdown. Six Guns is a third-person action game set in the cities of Arizona and Oregon. The storyline is very similar to Red Dead Redemption. You will be roaming the open space while shooting weapons from a horse.

Six Guns is a really good and fun third-person action game, with hours of fun. You will spend tens of hours playing it. You can get Six Guns for free on Google Playstore.

Six-Guns Information: Gang Showdown

Game NameSix-Guns: Gang Showdown
Release DateJune 15, 2012
Download Size412 MB
Developed byGameloft SE
Rating on Playstore4.2

8. Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers In Arms 3 1
Brothers In Arms 3 | Gameloft SE

Brothers in Arms 3 is a shooting game from a third-person perspective. In this game you control Sergeant Wright, a war hero who must face the Nazis after the Normandy landings.

In this game you will find a large stockpile of weapons to use. Although the available rifles have a high level of precision, you can also use other weapons such as machine guns, missile launchers, sniper rifles, and shotguns.

Information About Brothers in Arms 3

Game NameBrothers in Arms 3
Release DateDecember 17, 2014
Download Size44 MB
Developed byGameloft SE
Rating on Playstore4.4

9. Noblemen: 1896

Nobleman 1896
Nobleman 1896 | Foursaken Media

Noblemen: 1896 is one of the games that successfully combines the concept of a third-person shooter/third-person shooters and strategy. Plus you’ll have tons of units that will turn this battle into a true pyrotechnic display.

In addition, the graphics offered are also quite good for the size of an Android game. With all the features it has to offer, this game is suitable for those of you who like tense wars of the past.

Information About Noblemen: 1896

Game NameNobleman: 1896
Release DateAugust 30, 2022
Download Size565 MB
Developed byFoursaken Media
Rating on Playstore4.1

10. Frontline Commando: D-Day

Frontline Commando D Day
Frontline Commando D Day | Glu

Fontline Commando: D-Day is an action game in third person. Set in the Second World War, players can control one of the soldiers involved in the famous Normandy landings. In this game, players can participate in five types of campaigns.

The mechanics of Frontline Commando: D-Day will be easy for video game fans to master, as it incorporates the typical elements of a third-person shooter: cover, camera from above, and lots of action.

Information About Frontline Commando: D-Day

Game NameFrontline Commando: D-Day
Release DateJune 27, 2013
Download Size330 MB
Developed byGlu
Rating on Playstore4.0

So, those were the recommendations for the best Android Offline TPS Game that Dafunda Games could summarize for you. Make sure you always visit Dafunda Game for recommendations and other interesting news about the game world.