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10 Best Android Offline Arcade Games

To accompany your boring days, Dafunda Game has the Best Android Offline Arcade Game Recommendations to relieve your boredom while going through tiring days.

Games with the Arcade genre itself are games that are deliberately designed to spur your adrenaline or just to have fun. Arcade games themselves usually present exciting gameplay without having to pay attention to a complicated storyline.

Now speaking of Arcade Games, Dafunda Game has summarized some of the Best Android Offline Arcade Games that are ready to accompany your days. Without further ado, here is the summary for you.

Best Android Offline Arcade Game Recommendations

1. Playback 2

Playback 2
Playback 2 | Apex Designs

The first Android offline Arcade game recommendation is Playback 2. This game is the second series of Playback games, which of course is already well-known by its name. This game is quite similar to the phenomenal game belongs to Rockstar Games that is GTA.

Because it is an arcade type, Playback 2 has several game modes that vary from campaign, story, to various other game modes. Even though it’s been a long time since it’s been released, with frequent updates that developers do, this game doesn’t die.

In addition, this game that you can play offline has a very good presentation and some interesting content that you can enjoy. That way makes this game not easily abandoned by the players.

2. Ninja Dash-Ronin Shinobi

android offline arcade games
Ninja Dash Ronin Shinobi | Game Generation

The next best recommendation for the best Android Offline Arcade game is Ninja Dash-Ronin Shinobi. Ninja Dash-Ronin Shinobi is an action arcade game where you become a ninja like the master of the legendary sword, the Katana.

As the title implies, Ninja Dash is a game that will take you always running without any input from the player. The control you can do is to jump, attack by touching the screen which already provides several controls.

In addition, you can upgrade your sword by collecting various items that you can get while playing. Although the gameplay is quite simple, this game can actually make you very addictive.

3. Mad Bullets: Cowboy Shooter

android offline arcade games
Mad Bullets Cowboy Shooter | isTom Games

Next up is Mad Bullets: Cowboy Shooter. Mad Bullets: Cowboy Shooter is an offline arcade game that carries the FPS theme with a cowboy feel. In this game the characters you use will move on their own and your job is to aim and shoot.

Mad Bullets itself has dozens of game modes that slightly change the way you deal with enemies. For example like in normal mode, you have to face a duel, but in mode hyperyour shooting speed will increase by itself.

Mad Bullets is a very fun arcade game for you to play. Especially for those of you who like games with a cowboy feel, this game is worth trying to fill your spare time.

4. Tengai

Tengai | S&C Ent.Inc

This game is an arcade game that offers quite interesting gameplay. In Japan, Tengai is better known as the Sengoku Blade. The name Tengai itself is a name marketed outside Japan.

Not only for android devices, this game is also available on several platforms such as Playstation 2, Nintendo switch, Sega Satum and IOS devices. This game also supports in 5 languages ​​at once.

5. Subway Surfers

android offline arcade games
Subway Surfers | SYBO Games

This game is one of the best editor’s choice games on PlayStore. How not, more than 26 million downloaders have downloaded and played this exciting arcade game. In this game, you only need to run while picking up the coins on the street.

Android arcade games with endless run themes can be played simply by swiping on the screen, both up-down and left-right. To get the highest score, there are some Subway Surfers tips and tricks that you can actually try.

6. Bison Burritos

Bison Burritos
Bison Burritos | Kongregate Inc

This game will take players to play wrestlers in fantasy locations in the game. You as a player must defeat a gang of jelly thieves and retrieve what has been stolen by an evil chef. There are three wrestler characters that you can use in this game.

Upgrades will make your character stronger, slicker, and faster. There are five kinds of enemies that must be fought in this game, each with their own weaknesses. You can play this game without the need to use an internet quota or offline.

7. Vector 2

Vector 2
Vector 2 | NEKKI

This game is an arcade platformer game with a 2D theme. In this game all you have to do is run as far as possible and get as many points as possible.

The controls in this game are exactly the same as in the first game, Vector. In controlling the character, you only need to run forward without stopping. Swipe up to jump, and swipe down to roll down past something.

Plus, you can buy all kinds of equipment between missions. Thanks to some of these experimental equipment, your character can escape from deadly situations such as being able to escape from lasers or other challenges.

8. Granny 3

Granny 3
Granny 3 | DVloper

This arcade game may be a little horror, so it can only be played by players aged 12 years and over. In this game, you will act as a prisoner who must try to get out of the house guarded by grandparents before the fifth day ends.

If you are one of the gamers who like arcade games but with a horror theme, this one game is perfect for you to play. Besides being entertaining, this game also presents a variety of puzzles that hone your thinking skills.

9. Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami
Zombie Tsunami | Mobigame

Usually, games with zombie themes always present games that lead us to eradicate them. But in this game it’s the opposite, in this you will act as a group of zombies who make riots.

This game requires you to control a group of zombies and prey on humans on the streets. Over time, the number of zombies you have will increase and can decrease when you fail to pass obstacles.

10. Mr. Bow

Mr.  Bow
Mr. Bow | Global Agency

The last Arcade Offline game recommendation is Mr. Bow. Even though it comes with a simple gameplay and graphic display, this dish has made players addicted to playing this game.

The number of levels and sensations in doing handshoots is one of the things that makes this game not boring quickly. In addition, there are many different enemies and weapons that you can choose from and of course can add to the fun in the game.

What About Our Best Android Arcade Game Recommendations?

android offline arcade games
Android Offline Arcade Games

So, those are the recommendations for the best Android offline arcade games that can be your solace when you are tired of tiring days. If you have other interesting game recommendations, don’t forget to write your comments below.

Never get bored to keep visiting Game Funda because we will always provide recommendations and other interesting news about the game world.