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10 Best Android Font Apps that are Easy to Use

One of the best ways to install the fonts you want is to install them from the default app store (not the Play Store). Manufacturers usually provide a variety of fonts that can be downloaded for free or paid fonts.

The default smartphone application store is different from the Play Store. In the built-in app store you can find many tools and software specifically designed for that particular phone brand. So, please go to your phone’s default store to find cool and beautiful fonts.

However, now you can rely on Android apps that provide the feature of changing fonts directly from the keyboard. Here’s a list of the 10 best Android font applications that are easy to use, the Carisignal version.

1. Fonts: Keyboard Fonts & Emojis

Fonts: Keyboard Fonts & Emojis

It’s a virtual keyboard app that offers tons of cool fonts and emojis. You can use these fonts to write posts on social media so that they look more attractive.

Fonts App: Keyboard Fonts & Emojis works with all apps. You can use it to write on words or sentences on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, iMessage, WhatsApp and all other texting apps.

Not only a variety of fonts, this app comes with a variety of cool symbols, emojis, text faces, and emoticons. So far the application Fonts: Keyboard Fonts & Emojis has been downloaded more than 1 million times on the Play Store.

2. HiFont

HiFont Android font app

Cool and stylish, that’s the picture for smartphone users who choose and use applications from HiFont. You can use hundreds of fonts that you can download in the HiFont application. Of course you can get these fonts for free or free.

For you users of Samsung smartphones such as Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note, Note , Note, you don’t need to bother to root first. As for HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Huawei, Nokia X, and others smartphone users, they must first root.

Not only provides cool and stylish fonts, HiFont also provides various kinds of emoticons that can be used for free. Are you interested in using the HiFont application? Just click here and immediately download the application.

3. Fonts for FlipFont 50 #6

  Fonts for FlipFont 50 #6

Developer Fonts Free presents the application Fonts for FlipFont 50 #6. Users of this application don’t have to worry about paying problems, Fonts for FlipFont 50 #6 is available on the Android PlayStore for free. This application offers a variant of 50 fonts that you can use to beautify the appearance of fonts on Android.

Not only that, users don’t need to bother rooting just to be able to get cool fonts with the Fonts for FlipFont 50 #6 application.

A simple interface with matching colors is one of the advantages that users of this application can use. Interested? Download the Android Fonts for FlipFont 50 #6 font application here.

4. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

With over 50 million downloads and a rating of over 4.5, Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is one of the most popular and loved keyboard apps. This app provides more than 5000 emojis to make your chat more interesting and comes with a variety of emoticons, GIFs and stickers.

Besides that, Facemoji Emoji Keyboard also provides thousands of cool keyboard themes for download. You can even add your own photos to the keyboard which makes it even more personal and cool. There are many other features that are not mentioned here.

5. Girly Fonts for FlipFont

Girly Fonts

Well, this font application may be loved by female fans. As the name implies, this Girly application does provide a variety of fonts for women. Seen from the pink interface design is also attractive for women.

Girly Font offers various types of fonts with girly elements that are ready to be used by application downloaders. The ease with which the choice of font type is also the main attraction. Are you compatible with this one font application? Just click here and it’s ready to download.

6. Fonts Aa

font aa_

This application is one of the best font applications on Android. Fonts Aa features a keyboard with a variety of cool fonts. Among them are Golthic, Italic, Doublestruck, Serif, and many more.

In this Aa Fonts application there are also cool keyboard skins that you can choose from. One of them is a keyboard skin with color gradations.

The Fonts Aa application supports the use of multiple languages ​​on its keyboard. There is a large selection of symbols and emojis available as well. Download the Aa Fonts application by clicking this link.

7. Fonts Keyboards & Emojis No ROOT

no root keyboard fonts & emojis_

Next, there’s the Fonts Keyboards & Emojis No Root app. As the name implies, this app doesn’t require you to root your Android phone to enjoy its cool fonts and emoji features.

Yes, you can already use fonts and emojis from the phone’s keyboard when you install this one application. There are more than 50 types of cool fonts that can be used, including to be applied to social media such as TikTok or Instagram.

This application also supports installation on several mobile phone brands, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Infinix, vivo, and many more. Download the app here.

8. z Fonts 3

z fonts 3_

If you want to change your Android phone’s font, try the z Font 3 app. This app provides a large selection of fonts, including cute ones.

In addition, in this application you can also choose fonts that are distinguished by several categories, including the country category. z Font 3 supports installation on Android phones with the latest OS and UI.

Some of them are Samsung, vivo and Xiaomi. Download the z Font 3 application via this link.

9. Fonts+


Next, there’s Fonts+. This application does not change the entire font on the phone, but only on the keyboard.

However, you don’t need to worry because there are many cool font choices that can be used in this application. The fonts are distinguished by certain categories. Examples include Italic and comic fonts.

In addition to offering cool font features on the keyboard, in the Fonts+ application there is also an option to replace the keyboard skin. One of the most popular keyboard skins in this app is the minimalist Black Keyboard.

This application also has a collection of GIFs and emojis that are no less cool than similar applications, you know. Download Fonts+ by clicking on the following link.

10. Stylish Texts Fonts & Stickers

stylish texts fonts

This application has more than 100 collections of fonts that you can use. Yes, you can use the font feature stylish this is directly from the phone keyboard.

Not only fonts, there are hundreds of emojis and symbols that you can use too, you know. The app also allows you to create your own stickers and edit symbols. Cool, right?

Oh yes, if you are in need of a good nickname recommendation for social media, this application also has a nickname generator that will help you find cool nicknames. Try Stylish Texts Fonts & Stickers app here.

Those are some choices of Android font applications that can be an option if you are bored with monotonous font styles. Any of the apps above you’d like to use?