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10 Apps to Reduce Photo Size on Android

After finishing editing photo backgrounds or editing photos, usually the image resolution is too large and sometimes the format is not suitable, such as JPG, JPEG or other photos. To solve such problems, you can use an app to reduce the photo size. This application is available both online and offline.

This photo compress application will be summarized into the 10 best and most popular applications in the Carisignal version. You need a photo compress application on your Android smartphone in a practical and free way. Try one of the applications first to reduce the following foot size.

1. Photo & Picture Resizer

Photo & Picture Resizer

It has been used and downloaded by more than 50,000 Android PlayStore users. This application to reduce the size of photos, called Photo & Picture Resizer, offers an easy feature to reduce the size of photos that are deemed too large and quite draining data storage space on the smartphone.

To do a photo reduction, you just need to select the photo you want to resize. After you have finished choosing, you will also be faced with several photo size options according to your needs, also adjusted to the length and width (width x height).

After that, you can immediately reduce the size of the photo and the Photo & Picture Resizer application will automatically work to reduce its size. Easy isn’t it? You can use this application for free by downloading the application here.

2. Puma Image Compressor & Image Resizer

Puma Image Compressor & Image Resizer_

You can rely on the Puma Image Compressor & Image Resizer application to resize photos that are too large. You can resize photos with various extensionsuch as jpeg, webp, png, and so on.

There are three modes that you can use in this application. First, auto mode. With this mode, you can compress more than 40 photos at the same time. The second mode is based on size. You can specify the size of the photo you want to compress.

The third mode is resolution and quality. This mode allows you to change the photo based on the resolution and compression quality.

Besides being able to resize photos, this application can also send photos that have been compressed with more than 50 pieces via email. You can also share compressed photos directly to social media. Try the Puma Image Compressor & Image Resizer here.

3. Image Size – Photo Resizer – Codenia

Image Size - Photo Resizer - Codenia_

Image Size – Photo Resizer from Codenia is another image compressor app that has many useful features. One of them is to compress photos quickly, according to what you need.

How to resize photos with this application is quite easy. You just need to select the desired photo. Then, enter the output size of the photo. After that, you can crop the photo using your finger. Finally, you only need to save the compressed photo.

Oh yes, in this Image Size – Photo Resizer application it allows you to change photos with four output sizes. Among them are pixels, centimeters, millimeters, and inches.

Image Size – Photo Resizer from Codenia can also be used to add elements to photos, such as stickers and filters. Download the Image Size – Photo Resizer application by clicking this link.

4. Photo Resizer – Z Mobile Apps

Photo Resizer - Z Mobile Apps_

Photo Resizer from Z Mobile Apps allows you to resize photos with various output options such as pixels and percentages. Various photo formats can be compressed with this application. Two of them are jpg and png.

Not only can you resize one photo, Photo Resizer from Z Mobile Apps can also compress multiple photos at once with its Batch feature.

Amazingly, this compressed photo doesn’t change in quality, just like the original. Try the Photo Resizer application from Z Mobile Apps by downloading it via the following link.

5. Photo Compressor and Resizer – Pocket App Maker

Photo Compressor and Resizer - Pocket App Maker_

Pocket App Maker also has a Photo Compressor and Resizer application that can help you resize your photos, without sacrificing the original quality.

This app has two different modes for resizing photos. First, there is the auto mode. This mode can resize the photo you want automatically. While the second mode is a mode that can compress photos according to the size you want specifically.

Not only can you resize photos, this Photo Compressor and Resizer application can help you edit a photo. One of them removes one color from your photo. Download Photo Compressor and Resizer from Pocket App Maker here.

6. Resize Me! Pro

Resize Me!  Pro_

Resize Me! Pro can also be used to compress the size of the photos you have. With this app, you can resize photos directly from the app. The trick is to upload the photo you want to compress, then resize it to your liking.

Plus, you can resize photos directly from your phone’s gallery. It’s also easy. First, you just need to select and open the photo you want, then select the share or send it option, then select Resize Me! Pro.

The next step, select the desired photo size. Then select the application you want to use to open the compressed image.

This application also allows you to compress photos from a large number of emails.

To do this, simply click the file attached in the email, then select the Resize Me! Pro. Then, open the photos using the gallery. After that, select the photos you want to compress, along with the required photo size. Interested in using this application? Download Resize Me! Pros here.

7. Compress Image Chitro

Compress Image Chitro_

You want to compress photos quickly? Try the Compress Image Chitro app. With this app, you can resize photos without taking much time. Compress Image Chitro also will not damage the quality of photos that have been compressed.

You can choose one of the three photo resizing modes available in this app. One of them is make it smaller. This mode is used to compress photos without destroying the quality of the photos.

Besides being able to resize photos, Compress Image Chitro can also be relied on to change the photo resolution to 4K or 8K. Try the Compress Image Chitro application by downloading it via this link.

8. Instasize


Changing the size and resolution of photos can also be done with the Instasize application. Not only that, you can also rely on the Instasize application for the editing process, before uploading a photo to social media like Instagram.

You can add filters, effects, or create photo collages as needed. This application will save your photos with high enough quality and resolution. Download Instasize on Google PlayStore by clicking the following link.

9. Image Compressor – Aculix Technologies LLP

Image Compressor - Aculix Technologies LLP_

Well, the Image Compressor application from Aculix Technologies LLP is specifically for compressing more photos at one time.

Yes, you can easily resize photos in a folder or ZIP, even if the number of photos is more than 500.

For example, you will compress a file containing photos that are more than 10 GB in size. Once compressed, it will shrink in size and become less than 500 MB in size. Are you interested in trying this application? Download the Image Compressor directly from Aculix Technologies LLP here.

10. Compress image size in kb & mb

Compress image size in kb & mb

If your photos feel too big, then you can directly compress them with the Compress image size in kb & mb application. This is a great app for those of you who want to resize photos, either to KB or MB size.

How to use it is very easy and simple. The reason is, you only need to enter the photo you want to resize, then type the size, and select MB / KB as needed. Next, let the Compress image size in kb & mb app compress the photo size for you. Easy, right?

Those are the ten reviews that have been given by Carisignal regarding applications to reduce photo size on Android. Almost all of these applications have the same features only with a different interface. Which one is your favourite?