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10 Apps to Help the Best Diet Programs on Android

Difficulty when you have to run a diet program? Junebe you need a special application that will help you in running a diet program. The application will guide users to be able to run the right diet program.

In short, the app will help you stay motivated to stick to your diet, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

So, what is the right application to help you run a diet program? Carisignal will share several applications to help a diet program that is quite effective. Come onsee the full review below.

1. Lose Weight in 30 Days

Lose Weight in 30 Days_

Lose Weight in 30 Days application offers various types of exercises to lose weight in just one month. Some of them are exercises for the stomach, buttocks and the whole body.

Apart from that, the Lose Weight in 30 Days application also has several features that allow you to monitor your weight loss progress and the number of calories you are losing.

There are also exercise guides in the form of animations and videos that can make your training process easier. Interested in the application? Download Lose Weight in 30 Days here.

2. Calorie Counter, Diet Plan, Dietitian, Trainers

Calorie Counter, Diet Plan, Dietitian, Trainers_

The application known as Healthifyme is fairly complete. Those of you who want to go on a diet program don’t need to worry about getting confused to get started.

With this application, you can compose goals of the diet program. You can also find out the calorie count of Indonesian foods from the database of this one application.

Healthifyme also allows you to apply tips and guidance from experts, such as renowned nutritionists and bodybuilders from neighboring countries.

In this application there are also several exercise guides at home, complete with an exercise tracker that will help analyze your exercise progress. Try the Calorie Counter, Diet Plan, Dietitian, Trainers or Healthifyme apps here.

3. Lifesum


If you want to diet with the help of an Android application, then you can directly download and download it install an app called Lifesum. This is one of the best apps of choice for PlayStore editors. Here you just need to tell the app how many kilograms you want to diet.

Once you’ve set it up, Lifesum will help you by telling you how many calories, protein, and more you can consume on a daily basis. Don’t worry, you will also get great tips to make your diet successful. In fact, you will also get healthy food recommendations for a maximum diet.

4. HealthyDiet – A Diet Plan App

HealthyDiet - A Diet Plan App_

HealthyDiet application allows you to create a weight loss plan that suits your body condition. In order to support the user’s weight loss process, HealthyDiet also offers several other excellent features.

These include a daily calorie counter, health tracker and helpful diet tips. This application also features delicious recipes that are suitable for consumption during your diet process, such as recipes for low-fat, high-protein, and low-carb dishes. Want to try the HealthyDiet app? Download directly here.

5. Diety


Similar to the applications discussed earlier, Diety offers a variety of useful features to support your diet program.

This application can calculate the number of calories and help you make a diet plan according to your needs. You don’t have to worry about a lot or lack of food intake while on a healthy diet, because this app also has a food tracker feature.

In addition, Diety also has a workout manager feature that will monitor your sports activities. Diety can even monitor the water intake you drink. Try this diet program application on Android by downloading it via the following link.

6. Eat This Much – Meal Planner

Eat This Much - Meal Planner_

If you need a meal planner application that can support a diet program, it never hurts to try Eat This Much. This application is able to create a meal plan that suits your calorie needs.

You can adjust your own meal plan, for example for a healthy diet, bodybuilding, or maintaining your current ideal body condition.

Uniquely, you can choose the type of diet you want. Examples such as the Keto diet, Atkins, Vegan, Mediterranean, and many more. The Eat This Much application also allows users to access recipes that are suitable for a healthy diet, you know.

If you have a premium subscription, there are some special features that you can enjoy. One of them is, the Eat This Much application will automatically create a meal plan for one week. Interesting right? Try the Eat This Much app by downloading it here.

7. Diet Point Weight Loss

Diet Point Weight Loss_

Each diet program application for Android must have its own superior features. No exception with Diet Point. This application has a reminder feature for its users. This feature will remind application users about the timing of eating when dieting.

For your information, this application has more than 100 diet plans that you can follow. Well, each diet plan is equipped with a shopping list for each food menu that will be consumed.

This application also provides more than 200 useful diet tips. One other feature that it brings is a Body Massage Index (BMI) calculator which of course will be very useful to support your diet program. Download the Diet Point app here.

8. Calorie Counter by Lose It!

calorie counter_

When undergoing a diet program, of course you will need a calorie counter. Although most diet applications already have this, you can still try a calorie counter application that is very full of features. One of them is Calorie Counter by Lose It!

By simply entering your complete profile, this application will immediately calculate the appropriate amount of daily calorie intake so that the goals of the diet program that you are living are achieved.

You can also find out every detail of the food consumed, such as the number of calories, carbohydrates, protein, sugar, and fat content. Interested? Try the Calorie Counter by Lost It app! by downloading it via this link.

9. EGG – Healthy Diet Program


From the name, it can be guessed that this application is made by the nation’s children. GGL is a diet program application that has many excellent features. Some of them are daily calorie counter, meal plan, workout tracker, and many more.

This application has quite a number of users, and is said to have been used in more than 50 countries. No wonder, if GGL has its own community.

Well, if you need motivation and advice while undergoing a healthy diet program, this community will help you. Want to try this diet program application? Download GGL directly by clicking the following link.

10. 8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

Want your diet program to work satisfactorily? You can be helped with an application called 8fit Workouts & Meal Planner.

In the application, you will be given tips for eating healthy foods. Also, you will be advised to exercise lightly but powerful enough for a diet. Curious? Just click here to get the application.

Here are ten applications to help diet programs are quite effective. This application can motivate you to immediately get the ideal weight. In addition, most of these applications can be downloaded for free. So, wanting to have a proportional body shape doesn’t have to be expensive how come!