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10 Apps for Writers on Android You Should Try

If you are a professional writer or really have a hobby of writing, a laptop is usually your “most loyal friend”. The reason is, laptops are the right devices in today’s times to pour your thoughts into writing. Especially because the laptop has good mobility.

In its development, the laptop is not the only “friend” for writers. Now there are more sophisticated devices for those of you who want to try writing more simply, namely smartphones.

There are many applications on smartphones, in this case Android, that can help writers to pour their work.

What are some Android apps for these writers? So that you are not even more curious, this time I will discuss 10 apps for writers on Android that you should try. Let’s just look at the discussion below.

1. JotterPad

Application for Jotterpad writers

JotterPad is one of the best apps for writers that can be downloaded on Google Play Store. JotterPad has a variety of interesting features such as free distraction editor, quick preview until screenwriter professional. This one application also allows you to customize the display.

You can also use the JotterPad application to write novels professionally. You can export your work in PDF or format docx (beta). This application also allows you to use keyboard Bluetooth. Want to try it? Come on, download just direct the JotterPad application here.

2. Writer Plus


Next there is the Writer Plus application. Writer Plus you can also use to write novels and other documents. Writer Plus has various features such as folder to save your work, there are word and character count, undo and also redo as well as night mode.

Writer Plus alsosupport various languages ​​other than English such as German, Italian, French and many more. This application for writers also supports the use of keyboard Bluetooth. Download Writer Plus application via the following link.

3. Novelist


Another app for writers is Novelist. As the name implies, this one application is made specifically for novel writers. You can use tools that is in this application to compose a plot of up to outline of your writing. In addition, you can also set the date deadline for your writing work.

There are various interesting features offered in this application. Starting from selecting templates for books, editor text with the format and auto save up to fashion preview practical.

Yes, in the Novelist app, you can preview your book without having to close the app. Novelist supports writing in EPUB, RTF and HTML formats. Want to try this one application? Download Novelist app here.

4. Writer Tools


Writer Tools is a writer-only application that has interesting features such as the ‘Timer’, which is a timer that runs for 25 minutes to write. When the time is up, you are advised to stop writing and take a break.

In addition to the ‘Timer’ feature, Writer Tools is also equipped with the ‘Writing Progress’ feature, where you can monitor your work periodically via tab ‘Writing Log’ to know the number of words you have written.

In addition, in the ‘Writing Progress’ feature, you can also find out the statistics of the book you are writing through tab ‘Progress Stats’.

You can also create a profile of each character in your novel in the ‘Characters’ feature available. Interesting too, yes. Download the app is here now.

5. Wattpad


Another application that you can try is Wattpad. Through Wattpad you can not only read digital books created by other people, but you can also write your own books and instantly write them.publish the book.

In Wattpad, there are many categories of stories that you can read, so you can also write your own book according to the category you want.

The story category in Wattpad consists of romance, comedy, thriller until horror. Are you interested in trying it? Download Wattpad app here.

6. Writer


Writer, an application from the Xeasec developer, has a super simple appearance. You can use this application to write articles or note simple. The work done can be saved in PDF format. For export files itself, this one application only supports txt and HTML formats.

In the Writer application, the ‘File Unlock’ feature is also available. Unfortunately, this feature can only be enjoyed in mode pro just. For men-download Writer application, please click this link.

7. My Story Today


The My Story Today application is one of the applications on the Google Play Store that can help you to compose your own novels directly from smartphone.

In My Story Today, you can add characters as well settings place in the story dynamically and integrated using rich text editor which is available.

Later, you no longer need to add the name of the character or place because it has already been made link through rich text editor just now. So you can save time on writing.

In addition, the results of your work in this application can be export to format docx making it easier for you if you want to continue the writing process with a word processing application Microsoft Word. If you want to try the My Story Today application, you can download it via the following link.

8. Pure Writer


Last but not least, there is the Pure Writer application. Pure Writer is an application for article writers who rely on features auto save-his. What’s more interesting than features auto savethis one application has features fingerprint unlock.

Pure Writer app also supports auto backup so you don’t have to worry about losing your work. Try the Pure Writer app here.

9. Evernote


Next, there is the Evernote application developed by Evernote Corporation. In Evernote, you can not only write but also take notes in the form of clippings webtext to audio.

Evernote also lets you use your phone’s camera to save your results scan and commenting on pieces of paper such as handwriting. In addition, you can discuss your work in this application. Download Evernote here.

10. Writing Space

Writing Space_

The Writing Space application is here for writers who want to finish writing easily through their Android phone.

This application has several excellent features that can support your productivity. One of them is fashion distraction-free which will help you to stay focused on completing the writing you are working on.

This application is also equipped with complete formatting features. You can change the font size and color, change the text position, and more. Download the Writing Space app here.

Those are 10 apps for writers on Android that you should try. You can use this application as an alternative to commonly used word processing applications.

What’s more, if you don’t have a laptop or personal computer, this application will be very helpful of course. The size of the application is not too big, so you can continue your writing work anytime and anywhere via your Android phone. Well, how, you are interested in trying?

If you like to write, then you definitely like reading too. As we know that nowadays, reading books can also be done through smartphone. Here I recommend 10 Applications For Reading Ebooks specifically for you.