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10 Apps for Making Comics on PC and Smartphone

Is reading comics your hobby? Have you ever wanted to make your own comics? If so, you can define your own comic character and storyline. However, sometimes that desire is blocked by your ability to draw so that in the end you never make it happen.

The good news is that there are now applications that can be used to create your own comics. You can use this application on your cellphone or PC. Interesting right?

If you are confused about which comic maker application is suitable and easy for beginners, don’t worry. This article provides information about recommended applications for making comics that you can try.

1. Comica


Comica is a free and easy-to-use application that can turn photos into comic characters or cartoons. You can select any image from your gallery or take a new one through the app.

After selecting the filter, you can add comics to get a more convincing “comic effect”. This method is the easiest way to draw that you can find online. If you want a little twist on your comics, using photos of you or your close friends is the best option.

This application allows users to import photos from the gallery or click on moving images and then convert them into comics. The first thing you have to do is choose a comic book template and then import your photos.

Now you can give it a quick purplish blue or you can choose another comic filter. Comica has contrast, brightness, saturation, and detail sliders to adjust filters and you’ll get the perfect makeover for your comic.

There are eight speech bubbles for dialogue for the entire scene. Even if you only have one font to choose from, it’s much better than Comic Strip Maker. Finally, you can import your comics as images or PDFs if you want to print them. Download Comic.

2. Cartoon Comic Strip

Cartoon Comic Strip

Cartoon Comic Strip is a fairly simple app that can do exactly what the name suggests: create cartoons comic strip. This application has a special feature to make comics in a funny way that can be shared on your social media.

This application has many human characters, for example super heroes, children, teenagers, there are even anime characters and adult men. Cartoon Comic Strip also has 100 characters that you can use to create your own comic book.

Not only entertaining comics, this application can also create comics in an educational way. You will find so many characters with different emotions that will help you to express your emotions in comics in the right way. Download Cartoon Comic Strip Maker.

3. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint

The previously mentioned app is an automatic comic maker. All of these apps don’t really show your inner artistic abilities. Unlike the two above, MediBang lets you create comics from scratch.

However, MediBang is more like a painting app that allows you to create character drawings and then export them to create comics. There are no speech bubbles or embedded comics that you can import and add to your creations.

MediBang Paint provides many different creative tools for illustrators and comic artists. Some of these include various types of brushes, backgrounds, cloud font and tools for making comics. By registering for free on the MediBang website, you can access cloud storage. Download MediBang Paint.

4. Clip Studio

Clip Studio

Clip Studio is the industry standard app if you want to create comic books from scratch. For the pro version and full version, users have to pay around $219 for a single purchase and start at $2.49 for usage per month.

You will get full advanced control for basic customization, for example choosing the resolution and type of printed comics. There are various paint brushes and painting tools available to draw the perfect comic character.

This application can be used for various applications platform, but the best options are using an iPad or making your own digital pen. If you’re ready to spend some time learning these tools, Clip Studio offers the best option for improving your drawing and comics skills. Download Clip Studio.

5. Comic Puppets Lite

Comic Puppets Lite

Comic Puppets Lite is one of the best comic maker apps for iOS. Comic Puppets Lite can be the best choice to express your creativity.

The Comic Puppets Lite app has a community called “comicpuppeteers”. You can also join this community. In addition, this application also has a gallery of characters and backgrounds with many choices. Or you can adapt your own photos to make comics. Download the application here.

6. Comic Book Creator – Comic Maker

Comic Book Creator – Comic Maker

This Comic Book Creator app available for Android has tons of amazing filters to apply to your photos. Comic Book Creator is a unique comic maker that allows the use of photo frames.

There are also conversation bubbles, text and more. This app is a unique comic maker that allows you to create single page comic books. You can also create grid comic collages. Download Comic Book Creator – Comic Maker.

7. Comic & Meme Creator

Comic & Meme Creator

Before starting, you must first log in using your email or Facebook. After that, you can start making comics. There are frames where you can start making comics. You can make a series of frames to make the comic story more meaningful.

After selecting a frame, you can add people, backgrounds, objects, extras and move backgrounds into the frame. In addition, you can also add memes, faces, effects, photos from the gallery, and images from the camera into the frame.

There are eight different types of text areas for character conversations. After adding enough characters, memes, and conversations, you can click on the preview to check out the comic story in slideshow mode. Comics will be saved in comic strip or animated GIF format. Download Comic & Meme Creator.

8. FlipaClip


The FlipaClip app offers lots of cool features that can make creating comics easier. You can use drawing tools like brush, eraser and lasso easily. In addition, this application provides animation creation features frames per frames.

You can also add audio files and sound effects on the work done. Interested in FlipaClip? Download the app here. If you are using an Apple device, click this link to use FlipaClip.

9. Rage Comic Creator – DocoMix

Rage Comic Creator – DocoMix

If you have a funny idea to make comics or memes, then Rage Comic Creator is an application that you can use. You can also create angry comics, funny comics, funny jokes, funny memes, presentations, stories, and much more.

This application is very easy to use. Get ideas and then import images from the gallery or from the web. Add text, characters and choose funny faces or faces troll whatever you like. Docomix is ​​a very entertaining app that can present ideas visually. Download Rage Comic Creator – Docomix.

10. Comic Strip – Comic Maker

Comic Strip – Comic Maker

Comic Strip – Comic Maker is available for iOS/Apple users. This app is similar to Comica, but has some additional features like filters, sources, and conversation bubbles. How to make comics with this application is very easy.

You just need to select a cartoon character then open your camera to take a photo. You can select any photo from your phone gallery. Comic Strip – Comic Maker uses a combination of filters to give your images a surprising look.

This application allows the user to select a large number of images, then use automatic filters and perform auto-corrections to create a better view. After that you can add stickers, text bubbles, filters, titles, and play with characters.

You can share this comic with the people closest to you. Comic Strip allows you to design and customize your photos with your name. Although you can disable the automatic filter and set it yourself. Download Comic Strip – Comic Maker.

For those of you who are interested in the world of comics, these applications can help channel your talents or interests in this regard. Hopefully you can find the right application to make your comic ideas. Find also information on how to read free comics online at Carisignal.