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10 Applications to Check E-Toll Balance on Android Smartphone

Toll road payments made in cash are sometimes not effective and efficient. Sometimes users pay for the freeway services not with exact money, causing the transaction to take longer.

The aftermath of the above incident is the occurrence of long queues when going to the toll road, especially when volume vehicle is high. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? If so, it must be quite annoying, right?

This phenomenon is now rarely encountered because payments for services for toll roads are made electronically.

Users only need to have a card containing e-money (electronic money) or electronic money for payment transactions. With this card, toll road users don’t have to bother preparing cash that must fit when paying. Just paste the card in the space provided and the toll gate opens.

There are many choices of e-money cards and they are provided by several government and private banks. Examples of e-money cards that can be used to pay tolls are e-Toll Card Bank Mandiri, BNI Tap Cash, Flazz BCA, Brizzi BRI, and Blink BTN.

For information, apart from being used to pay tolls, the e-money card can also be used for shopping. So multipurpose, right? However, this e-money card has a balance charge limit.

The maximum limit for the balance deposited in e-money is IDR 2 million. Especially for users whose identities are recorded, the maximum balance in e-money is IDR 10 million.

Then how to find out the balance in e-money? It can be done easily. Through the smart phone device used, the amount of the e-money balance can be checked quickly. If the application supports it, users can also directly top up the balance there.

In this regard, Cari Signal will discuss applications for checking e-money or e-toll balances on Android. It should be noted, not all mobile phones support this application. Only cellphones that have NFC or Near-Field Communication technology embedded can run the application.

1. Electronic Money Card Balance

Electronic Money Card Balance

The first application to check e-toll balances is the Electronic Money Card Balance. This card supports checking the balance of many e-money cards, such as Mandiri e-Money, BNI Tap Cash, and Flazz BCA.

With this application, toll road users can easily check the balance in their e-money card. Thus, when they want to enter the toll road, they don’t have to worry about whether the balance to pay is still there and sufficient or it has run out.

This application is only for checking balances and cannot be used to top-up or top up balances. Electronic Money Card Balance can be downloaded here.

2. eBaldo Info

eBalance Info_

You can also rely on the eSaldo Info application to view the remaining e-Toll balance. You just need to activate the NFC on your phone and tap your e-Toll card to see your balance.

Not only e-Toll cards, the eSaldo Info application can also check the remaining balance and transaction history of other cards, such as BRIZZI, Flazz, Indomaret cards, Jak Lingko, and many more. Download the app here.

3. My Balance

My Balance_

SaldoKu is an application for checking e-Toll balances on Android that has complete features. Yes, besides being able to check e-Toll card balances, SaldoKu also offers superior features to check remaining balances and transaction history from more cards.

These include Mandiri e-Money and e-Toll cards, BRIZZI, Flazz, BNI Tapcash, and MegaCash from Bank Mega. In addition, you can also see the remaining balance of the Multi Trip card that can be used for MRT transportation in Jakarta.

Oh yes, this application can also detect the presence or absence of the NFC feature on your phone. Try the My Balance app here.

4. e-Chis


Those of you who want to travel long distances via toll roads don’t have to worry about running out of balance, right? Use the e-Chis application to check the remaining e-Toll balance with NFC on your cellphone, so that your trip is not interrupted.
You only need to paste the e-Toll card on your phone to see the remaining balance.

Not only can you check the balance of your e-Toll card, in this application you can also find out the total balance of other cards. One of them is the Flazz card from BCA. Download the app here.

5. BNI TapCash Go

BNI Tap Cash

Tap Cash BNI is an e-money card that can also be used as an e-toll. BNI bank Tap Cash users can check their e-money balance through the BNI Tap Cash Go application. Users can alsoupdates their balance through the application with payment via ATM, EDC, or SMS Banking. Download BNI Tap Cash Go here.

6. BRI Mobile


Users who have installed the BRI Mobile application can check the Brizzi e-money balance. If the user’s mobile phone supports the NFC feature, the Brizzi menu will automatically be available in the BRI Mobile Banking application.

Because they are in the same body as BRI Mobile, users can also carry out other banking activities such as transfers between banks, pay various types of bills, and others. So more effective and efficient, right?

Brizzi top ups can also be done through BRI Mobile, only the balance entered is a deposit so it needs to be reactivated via EDC. Another way is to use internet banking which can be used immediately. Download the BRI Mobile Banking application here.

7. BCA Mobile

BCA Mobile

Toll road users who make payments using Flazz BCA can easily find out the remaining balance with BCA Mobile. Once again, only cellphones that already have the NFC feature can check the Flazz BCA e-money balance.

Similar to BRI Mobile, Flazz users can also make other transactions with BCA Mobile. To be able to carry out various financial transactions on BCA Mobile, users must have been verified by the BCA bank by coming directly to the nearest branch office. Download the BCA Mobile application here.

8. Livin’ by Mandiri

Independent Online

Bank Mandiri customers who have activated Mandiri Online on their cellphones can check their e-toll balance.

The trick is to activate the NFC feature, open the Mandiri Online application, then select the E-Money menu, then select the View / Update Balance menu. After that, paste the Mandiri e-money card and wait for the balance info to appear on the cellphone screen. Download the Mandiri Online application here.

9. Tokopedia


Tokopedia can also be a place to find out Mandiri’s e-money balance (and also fill in the balance).

The trick is to open the Tokopedia application (register first if you don’t have an account), go to the Bills – E-Money menu, press the Check Balance button, then paste the Mandiri e-money card and wait for the balance info to appear. Remember, the cellphone used must already support NFC. Download the Tokopedia application here.

Those are the applications on Android to check e-toll balances. With this application to check e-toll balances, using toll road services can be easier and hassle-free.

Users no longer need to prepare cash when they are at the toll gate, because they simply attach an e-toll card or e-money to the device provided. Only a few seconds after the card was pasted, the toll road substation door opened.

10. Cards – Mobile Wallet

Cards - Mobile Wallet

To check the contents of your e-toll balance, you can also use Cards – Mobile Wallet. But you need to know that this is an application made abroad, so there is a possibility that some features in Cards – Mobile Wallet cannot be used in Indonesia.

Here, you just need tap e-toll card to your cellphone and this application will provide you with balance information. In addition to checking e-toll balances, this application also provides information in the form of discounts on meals, shopping, and others.

It should be emphasized once again, this collection of e-money balance checking applications can only run on smart phones that already support the NFC feature.

Generally, cellphones that already support NFC are usually middle class cellphones and Flagship class cellphones. If funds are limited, the alternative is to choose a cheap cellphone that already supports NFC. The list of cheap cellphones with NFC features can be read in the article “10 HP with the Cheapest NFC Features”.