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1 Hero Fighter Must Pick in Meta Mobile Legends Right Now

According to SPIN Esports, there is 1 fighter hero that must be picked up in the current Mobile Legends meta game, this hero is really really strong.

Of the many fighter heroes created and presented by Moonton in the Mobile Legends game, there is only one in our opinion that you must pick at this time.

Who is the hero and why does the fighter hero have to be picked when playing MLBB? Check out the full review from SPIN Esports.

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Must Pick Thamuz

Hero op fighter mobile legends
Photo via Wallpaper Cave

It was noted that when this article was written on June 27, 2022, the fighter hero that you must pick is Thamuz. This hero has received a buff in the mid-June 2022 patch yesterday.

His buff changes many things from Thamuz including increasing his abilities. Now Thamuz’s 1st skill can be withdrawn, the lifesteal is getting heavier and the damage is getting bigger.

This simple buff is enough to make Thamuz immediately dominate the current Mobile Legends meta game, not to mention that he can counter many current meta fighter heroes.

Mobile legends strong exp hero
Photo via Wallpaper Flare

Call it like Yu Zhong, Dyrroth, Barats and so on can be countered by Thamuz easily. Those are the things that make him worthy of a pick in the current meta.

But apart from being a fighter or explaner, Thamuz can also be played as a jungler or assassin, his farming is fast, his mobility is high and his damage is great, which makes him the main attacker in the team.

That’s the fighter hero that must be picked up in the current MLBB meta according to SPIN Esports.

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