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1 Error When Draft Pick in Mobile Legends That Is Still Often Done

You all will agree that draft pick is the most important thing in Mobile Legendsbut there are still many players who often make this 1 mistake.

So that their draft hero lost and finally impacted the match to make him lose badly to the opponent.

Then what is the error? You have to know these spinners because the draft pick process is the most important and foremost when you want to win a match in rank.

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Don’t Use First Pick

Draft pick ban 5 mobile legends ML

A common mistake made by Mobile Legends players during the process of draft pick heroes in rank is not making good use of the first hero they pick, eyebrows first pick hero.

What it means is that you don’t take advantage of the first pick hero, which means that you ignore meta heroes or ban all meta heroes even though your team gets the first pick.

If you get the first pick in MLBB then you have to ban only one meta hero, so that other meta heroes are not banned and you can use them.

This trick is commonly done by players but there are still those who don’t understand. They tend to prioritize their favorite heroes over the meta heroes they pick when they get the first pick.

Counter Julian mobile legends
Photo via Mobilelegends: Bang Bang

So the point is that you have to prioritize the meta heroes for you to pick at the beginning of the match, use bait tricks so that the enemy bans other heroes so that in the end the meta hero is free from being banned and you can use it.

That’s one common mistake that players still often make Mobile Legends during the hero pick draft process.

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