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Zeny Farming Tips in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Quickly!

Playing Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is similar to other RPG games. Money or zeny if in this Ragnarok game, has a very crucial role, farming Zeny seems really hard to do.

This is indeed due to the difficulty of getting Zeny in large quantities. System trade in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love itself has its limitations, in contrast to the previous Ragnarok game which even between players can do trade privately or privately.

There are so many ways to do farming zeny. This time we will discuss about tips farming Zeny quickly, so you can become a “rich man” or even a sultan in seconds. Yes, at least you can get rich in millions of seconds.

Okay, let’s get straight to it, let’s talk about tips farming zeny quickly below. Cekidot!

1. Choose a Job That Can Get Rich Quick

When we start playing, of course we will choose job as we want. Job There are various kinds with different types of games.

Of course among the various types job that, there are several job which quickly makes you rich because it’s easy to do farming zeny.

You can choose job Merchants who do have the ability to get zeny quickly. Job Merchants have skills with the name “Collect Zeny” which has the effect of increasing the zeny income generateddrop by monsters.

Besides, if you choose Alchemist as job Next, you can create a Homonculus-type Alchemist character, which is where you can farming zeny without having to spend energy. In addition to Merchant, you can also choose Wizard or Hunter because both of them have the convenience of farming zeny.

2. Selling

Yes, this has become commonplace even in the real world. Selling or trading is one of the activities that can make you rich quickly. Now,so don’t hesitate to sell high-value rare items or items that you no longer use.

You can follow the selling tips by reading the article entitled 3 Tips for Selling in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love so you can quickly become a Sultan!

3. Use Lightning Chain

Lightning Chain is one of the items which has a function to increase drop rate and exp is 2x than what you usually do hunting monsters.

This Lightning Chain is very useful to help you do this farming zeny rapidly. Remember! Lightning Chain doesn’t allow you to get drop and 2x exp for free.

Lightning Chain needs compensation that is you will run out stamina or Combat Time 2x faster than usual. So you will not be able to linger in doing hunting.

4. Premium Users

Source: GamingPH

Yes, it is undeniable that the game Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is one of the games mobileof which there are a lot microtransaction it includes Premium User.

If you use Premium User, then you will have drop rate and exp is greater than ordinary users, therefore the use of Premium Users is also quite helpful so that you can get zeny faster.

5. Diligent Board Mission, Monster Resistance and Time Rift

Board Missions, Monster Resistance and Time Rift are new features in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. This feature makes you get bonus exp and items certain things that are quite useful, such as the Bag of Zeny, Lightning Chain, Silver Medal and so on that you can get by doing Board Missions.

Monster Resistance makes you more excited in farming because this feature makes the exp you get increase by 10x.

Then Time Rift, which is mode survival fight monsters that will appear simultaneously and at random places. Be careful, you have to complete this Time Rift quickly party or together, because the monsters that appeared were extremely powerful monsters.

It’s just that there is an easy trick to complete Time Rift, namely using the Holy Grail which you can get by paying using Adventure Meatball, which you can also get through pet you.

So, those are tips so you can get Zeny quickly and in large quantities. Hopefully with these tips you can immediately become rich with so much zeny.