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Yve Mobile Legends New Hero Skills

Moonton always regularly provides updates ranging from skins, revamps, buffs and new heroes. Previously, presenting Paquito, Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.52 this time the Yve Mobile Legends hero was released.

The hero is a mage type with unique skills and a large enough skill area. The cast range also quite far. The following is a complete explanation of Yve’s skills.

New Hero Capabilities Yve Mobile Legends

Passive Skills (Galactic Power)

Yve Mobile Legends New Hero Skills

Yve’s passive skill is called Galactic Power. When damage is given to the opponent, later this hero will get a stack that will increase movement speed by 2%. The maximum stack is 10.

Skill 1 (Void Blast)


With this skill 1, Yve will detonate Galactic Energy in the specified area. This skill will also deal 250 Magic Damage (+120% total magic power) against the enemy. Enemies will also be affected by a 60% slow effect for 0.8 seconds.

Skill 2 (Meteor Fall)

Yve’s 2nd skill can be used twice. First, he will summon a meteor in the specified direction and issue 140 Magic Damage (+24% Total Magic Power) to the opponent affected by this skill 2.

Well, if Meteor Fall is used again, 70 magic damage will be given (+12% total Magic Power) every 0.3 seconds to the enemy. And also gives a slow effect to enemies by 30% for 3 seconds.

Ultimate Skill (Real World Manipulation)


With this skill, Yve will create Sarfiels in the specified direction with a duration of 10 seconds. Can be used to attack enemies 15 times. There are two ways to use this ultimate skill,

First, you can tap and deals 350 magic damage (+155% total Magic Power).

The second, by sliding and dealing damage to enemies of 150 Magic Damage (+24% total Magic Power) every 0.5 seconds and a 2-second slow effect of 60%.

When this hero uses his ultimate, he will be immune to Crowd Control effects. The following is a snippet of Yve Mobile Legends skills that you can watch.

Skill Analysis and Hero Overview

Yve’s passive ability was something that would be very useful during the match. Movement Speed ​​of 2% with each stack will allow him to cover two lanes easily, helping his teammates.

Looks like he will have almost 20% movement speed with all stacks. But he could only get a stack by using the first and second skills. And, also every stack will be used up with the use of Ultimate skills.

His ultimate makes this hero very dangerous. The ultimate skill covers a very wide area and can deal damage right in that area. Will be useful when team fight. And the skill can pinpoint and increase damage.

For the ultimate skill, there are no special combos other than the passive stack and the ultimate use whenever needed. Early gameplay shows him easy to handle and his skills easy to execute. Yve is most suitable for use in the backline or backlines like other mages.