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You Can Listen to Kingdom Hearts 3 Theme Song, Free!

In the next few days, Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) will be released soon and there must be a lot of people who can’t wait to play KH3.

Just be patient… while waiting for the release, you can listen opening theme song KH3 entitled Face My Fears.

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Face My Fears sung by Utada Hikaru in collaboration with Skrillex. You may have heard this song before trailers KH3 which was released recently.

The best part is that you can listen to this song for free! Yepyou don’t need to pay or have special access to enjoy the beautiful voices of Utada Hikaru and dubstep Skrillex.

Besides YouTube, you can also listen to this song on music services stream as Apple Music and Spotifyof course you have to subscribe first for these two services.