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Why Isn't Battle Royale Suitable For Esports? This is the reason!

It must be admitted that the Battle Royale genre has indeed become a very popular genre among people gamer. We can see from the enthusiasm of the gamer to play PUBG and Fortnite. Some even think that various MOBA players have moved to become Battle Royale gamers.

Battle Royale is a game where players will be placed on an island to fight each other. Players will collect various equipment and supplies scattered throughout the island. Later the equipment and equipment were used to fight each other.

Even though it’s so popular, Battle Royale is not yet in the category esports formally. How can a game that is so popular not yet fall into a category in esports? So, let’s try to talk about it.

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1. There are times when the audience gets bored

Source: Android Authority

An interesting match to watch, of course, must show a situation that has intense excitement. The downside of the Battle Royale genre is the many loopholes where the game will often be “blank.”

Eddy Lim, chairman of the association esports Indonesia (IeSPA) has also conveyed this when holding a esports at the 2022 Asian Games yesterday

Eddy said that the match esports it must be nice to see. He also admitted that their team had not been able to find angle which makes the audience feel comfortable in competing.

According to him, when a Battle Royale is played, what will happen is that every player will be defensive, not advancing like “Rambo.”

That is why there will always be gaps where the audience will find the match boring.

2. There is no standard formula regarding regulations and assessments

Source: PC Gamer

In match esports, there are many things to consider. These include regulations and assessments.

Still according to Eddy Lim too, association esports international has not found a definite formula regarding the rules and ratings in Battle Royale.

For example, which team deserves the win, what team did the most Kill or players who managed to survive. What about the players who managed to do kill most, will it be given an appreciation as well?

Indeed, there needs to be a very standard formula to determine how the rules and how to score in Battle Royale matches.

3. The Randomness Factor that Emphasizes Luck

Battle Royale is sometimes also heavily influenced by the luck factor. One example is the factor where the equipment obtained is very high in nature random.

If the player is very lucky, then the lucky player has a greater chance of winning, even though he could skills owned is not as great as the opponent’s player.

Even though in the match esportsthere is a balance skills between the two sides of the team is highly expected. This is needed to make the match look exciting.

What to do?

Vacancies occur usually because of the area folder in the game, while the players are not so much. Reduce area folder in the game, can reduce the void in the game as well as being supported by standard rules and assessments.

In addition, there is also a need mode certain that must be implemented in the match. For example, Battle Royale tends to be synonymous with focusing on ability survival.

Special for matches esports, need another game mode. One example is taking the enemy’s flag, or destroying the enemy’s main base and so on.

So, those are the various reasons why Battle Royale is not yet suitable to enter the category esports. What do you think needs to be fixed so that Battle Royale fits into the category esports?

Source: Dexerto, Compass.