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Why is Boycott Genshin Impact Trending on Twitter? This is the reason

Boycott Genshin Impact with the hashtag #boycottgenshinimpact is currently trending on Twitter. At least some of Global Genshin’s players asked about the depiction of the race in question in the free-to-play RPG game from China.

More than 10,000 tweets voiced the hashtag. What’s the cause? Here’s everything you need to know about the trending Genshin Impact boycott hashtag.

Boycott Genshin Impact Trending – Doesn’t Support 2-Factor Authentication yet

Since the game launched in September 2022, thousands of players have reported that their Genshin Impact account was hacked. Members of the subreddit noted that at least three thousand players were hacked.

Some players said their credit card information was stolen. Others have lost access to thousands of dollars’ worth of accounts. As a criticism, players have asked miHoYo to add a two-factor authentication feature because it can cut off hackers’ access to control accounts.

A hacked player has contacted miHoYo customer support. He later shared the video on reddit and received more than 22,000 positive support.

The developer knows that the player’s account was taken by someone but they can’t help any further. miHoYo himself has not spoken and responded to Inverse’s request for the case.

On the other hand, the Genshin Impact version 1.5 update has leaked and is already widespread. In response to this, miHoYo through his Twitter strongly condemned the party who leaked the Genshin update and asked players for help not to spread the leak.

MiHoYo’s request leaves players wondering why they should care when the company doesn’t want to do much to address account security issues.

Causes of Boycott Genshin Impact Trending – The Link Between Indigenous Peoples and Hilichurl

Why is Boycott Genshin Impact Trending on Twitter?

via twitter

Hillichurl is a ubiquitous foe, much like the Goblins in Genshin Impact. They are described in the game text as “primitive humanoid monster” and “unable to communicate“.

Twitter user Milo, who uses the @venluvr account identified as Black and Native American, shared a video showing animator miHoYo making this Hillichurl inspired by Native American dance.

This revelation caused players to question the entire species of Hillichurl. Hillichurl is “racist caricature of nativesMilo wrote to Inverse.

He said he had removed the game with no intention of reinstalling it until miHoYo explained why the developers were using the natives as references for the fictional species.

Another player, Key, took issue with Hillichurl being described as “a savage species that must be killed because it was inspired by the natives”.

Many also say the racist accusations are untrue. Many missions depict Hillichurl as an ancient civilization that users misunderstand.

In contrast to Angel who claims to be a native of Latin America. He supports the depiction of Hillichurl to Inverse by Genshin Impact.

The treatment of Hillichurl mimics the real world, said Angels. “Their land has been destroyed, their people massacred. But there was nowhere for them to go, causing the Hillichurls to live in the wild.

However, society tries to push them out of hiding. There is a story that needs to be told here so we can’t just blame it”, continued Angel

Negative Description For Characters with Dark Skin Warna

Xinyan and Kaeya are two dark skinned characters in Genshin Impact. Some players taking part in the online boycott movement have taken issue with the adjectives used to describe the characters.

For example Keiya, Flavor text describes it as “exotic”, while Xinyan is labeled “fierce” and “scary”. However, according to some players, it was an accident due to a mistranslation of a foreign word for “exotic”. Exotic has a different connotation in China.

The dark-skinned characters also have lighter skin in-game than their art drafters suggest.

Genshin Impact users have started replacing the hashtag #boycottGenshinImpact with #DoBetterMihoyo. They are still asking the company to step up the game. But it seems that many of them are not really going to stop playing this game anytime soon.

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