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Why are Games Adapted to Movies or Vice versa Rarely Good?

Maybe you’ve experienced this, where there are lots of movie adaptation games but it turns out that the game is not as good as we expected. It even tends to deviate from the existing films.

There are many factors that contribute to why games from film adaptations tend to be rarely good.

This becomes a polemic when game developers or filmmakers want to try to adapt games and movies as their work.

Unfortunately, the factors that cause a game or movie to be not good are the ones that end up being gap to make a film adaptation of a game or vice versa has great value.

Yes, let’s just discuss the factors that cause film adaptation games tend to be rarely good. Cekidot!

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1. A Different Viewpoint

The thing that most distinguishes between games and movies is the different point of view.

If you watch the movie then you will know who is the main character while for the game, it’s as if we are the main character.

In movies, we can only empathize and feel like other people, while in games we feel firsthand what it’s like to be the main character.

2. Idealism is also different

In automatic films, the audience is forced to follow the story.

This is different from games where players have the freedom to choose the storyline, although it really depends on the game whether the players can choose the existing storyline.

This will make the expectations of the audience different. For example, for a game adapted from a film, maybe you expect an epic scene, but you may not find it or even not what you expect and vice versa.

3. Limited Resources

Source: Fanpop

Almost the same as point no 2, limitations resources This relates to the expectations of the audience or players.

When a game adaptation of a film is made, one’s expectations will increase at least hoping that the game will be as good as the film, and vice versa.

One example resources where the actor or actress does not match the character in the game, because basically the characters in the game are fictitious or do not exist in the real world.

Fortunately for games adapted from films, it tends to be easier to take the faces of actors or actresses as actors in the game.

It’s just that sometimes there are problems with changing the storyline because games tend to be more free than movies that have a linear storyline.

4. Only Selling IP (Intellectual Property)

Source: iMore

This is also a problem where IP only is being sold. Good or bad ratings tend to be the expectations of the audience.

An example is a film that has a storyline that is much different from the original story in the game, even though the characters in the game appear in the film.

Unfortunately the storyline and even the characterizations don’t show these characters at all.

Likewise in the game, when there is a character who is too strong in the film, but turns out to be very easy to beat in the game or at least on par with other characters.

One of gap which makes film adaptation games difficult to have good value.

So, those are the various factors that make it difficult for games and films adapted to be good. In your opinion, what are the factors that make it not good?

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