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Which is More Profitable, Selling Premium on Exchange or Using it?

One of the different features with Ragnarok Online old school in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, namely the Premium User, a feature that will give you a distinct advantage over ordinary players.

The way to get the Premium User feature is to do recharge or top up and choose Premium. Later you will get a card called “Premium for Novice”.

If you buy Premium at the time this article was written, you will get a different card, namely the January special Premium feature.

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Premium Features For Sale

Did you know that Premium (Premium) cards can actually be sold on Exchange you know! You can sell it to get quite a lot of zeny.

Of course, the selling price to get this premium feature is quite expensive if it is exchanged for zeny. When this article was written, you can get a Premium for Novice card for 2.3 million zeny.

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Better to Use or Sell?

So if we compare, is it more profitable to just use it, or sell it?

In theory, we can sell at a fairly expensive price. Instantly we can get zeny from 2 million to 3 million. It’s just that the price can change according to market conditions in the game.

If we use it, my experience is ideally you can take advantage of the effects in it, where you will get drop 33% more and other Premium benefits.

With these benefits you can get at least 100-500 thousand zeny every day from selling items results farming monsters, Pet Adventure, and also hiring Pets.

If it is calculated per month, then you will get approximately 3-15 million zeny if you are lucky.

Buy from Zeny

We can sell, of course there are those who buy the premium card. In theory, buying via the Exchange is more disadvantageous than buying in cash.

If you buy in cash, you can buy it at a price of Rp. 119,000. Even though if you buy zeny in cash, with IDR 149,900 you will get 600,000 zeny, which means buying a premium card via Exchange is much more expensive.


So which is more profitable, is it selling premiums directly or using them? When viewed from the short term, selling premiums is really profitable. You will get a lot of zeny quickly.

It’s just that in the long term, using a premium card is more profitable because you will get much more money than selling it directly.

If you can be disciplined in playing, then you can buy premiums without having to spend money directly.

If a month can generate up to 15 million zeny, then buying premiums with zeny will become a daily meal.