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Where to Take Pictures at Reminiscence of Seirai Genshin Impact

Not only is it difficult to open the Reminiscence of Seirai quest in Genshin Impact but it is also very difficult to complete it successfully. But don’t worry, this article will guide you on where to take pictures in Reminiscence Of Seirai Genshin Impact

Gennshin Impact 2.1 update is here. Since yesterday, players have discovered many new quests and missions that are definitely worth following, although some of them are very difficult.

Reminiscence of Seirai may be a difficult one for players, because it requires a lot of exploration on Seirai Island.

How to Unlock Quest Reminiscence Of Seirai

Head to Seirai Island, then head to the west side of Hiraumi Fortress. At the locations marked in the image below, you’ll find three chest-like objects that you need to dig up or investigate.

Where to Take Reminiscence of Seirai Genshin Impact

You’ll get a picture of one of them triggering the Reminiscence of Seirai quest. Now, choose to join the quest in Inazuma and talk to Furuya Noburo.

Then you will be assigned to talk to Oda Tarou. He will give you three pictures similar to the one you have already found.

Next, you will be tasked with finding iconic locations in images and taking new photos of them in their current state.

Where to Take Pictures at Reminiscence of Seirai Genshin Impact

This is where the real challenge begins. You have to actually recreate the drawing in your hand with new photos from the same place and at the same angle, which is quite tricky.