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What New Video Games Will Be Present at the 2022 Game Awards?

It doesn’t feel like we are at the end of 2022 and there will be an event titled Game Awards 2022. This event contains awards for several game titles and announcements about video games new ones to come.

Game Awards 2022 will be held on Friday December 7 2022, you can watch live streaming at 8:30 am WIB.

Game Awards 2022 will be filled with awards ceremonies for games that have been released in 2022. In addition, there will also be announcements about video games new ones to come in the future.

video games what new will be present? Let’s see below!

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1. Aliens: Blackout

Cold Iron Studios, which has been acquired by Fox, seems to want to try to show off again by releasing the latest Alien series. Cold Iron Studios itself is the licensee for the Alien game series, which is probably why Fox acquired the game studio.

This time Alien: Blackout will come in game form online shooter, it’s just not very clear what the details are. It’s likely that everything will be on display at Friday’s Game Awards event.

2. Death Stranding

A horror game by Hideo Kojima that always makes people curious. After trailers the last release, the game is back to being mysterious. Possibly at this Game Awards event will also be present trailers a new “bright spot” this game to fans of horror games.

3. Square Enix’s version of The Avengers

Not wholly owned by Square Enix, a subsidiary of Eidos (which was acquired by Square Enix), Crystal Dynamics took on the project to develop the game The Avengers. Of course, this game will also be present at the Game Awards 2022 on Friday.

4. Crash Team Racing Remastered

Not satisfied with the Crash Bandicoot Series? Naughty Dogs seems to understand the “scream” of its fans. Get ready he will be present at the 2022 Game Awards later.

5. Far Cry

Ubisoft suddenly released a video teaser a new series of Far Cry. The interesting thing is that this time Far Cry takes the theme post-apocalypse or a situation in which humans must survive after a very large disaster that kills almost the entire human population.

Is this game really going to be the latest in the Far Cry series or is it just DLC or is there something different? Well, we’ll see at the Game Awards 2022!