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What does AAA or Triple-A Game mean?

you guys gamers must have often heard the term games AAA (read: triple-A), but understand not the hell with the meaning behind the three letters. I myself initially thought AAA was an abbreviation, but it’s not! Let’s peel the ins and outs games AAA.

Definition games AAA

Games AAA is a classification for a games with a very large production budget (usually above US$50-100 million), both in terms of production and distribution scale. Usually games labeled AAA manufactured or distributed by game publisher famous, you name it games a fairly familiar publisher, Rockstar Games with a series Grand Theft Auto or Naughty Dog with a series The Last of Us.

Factors that make a games labeled games AAA

Like a hollywood movie with a label blockbustersthen industry games have the AAA label. So what are the factors that make a games labeled AAA like blockbusters?

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There really isn’t an official standard, but usually games AAA has a minimal budget approximately $50,000,000 or approximately Rp.725,000,000,000. Fantastic numbers! Yepthis is one of the reasons why you should buy games original to appreciate the hard work of the many people who are fighting behind the scenes.

Now,a budget of that size is a financial picture of how games AAA will be produced and distributed.

GTA V cost up to $265 million in 2022!

Why is the budget so big?

Games AAA is usually produced with engine and tools the latest graphic technology to fulfill all the desired aspects, such as visual and audio aspects, which is certainly not cheap. All of this is done to support the game design that has been agreed upon by the party in charge (lead director) from the beginning.

The main goal is to produce an enjoyable gaming experience. But of course there are many other aspects to be achieved through this technology, such as producing realistic visualizations.

Yes, this is more or less the technology used by Ubisoft Toronto

For distribution games AAA usually uses a variety of channel promotions to reach global markets, for example Sony when promoting Days Gone them in Japan by advertising on television and localizing content games and the advertisement is in Japanese.

Apart from factors of production and distribution, don’t forget that there are still human resources. Usually games AAA was created by hundreds of people involving various divisions within the company. It also does not rule out the involvement of hundreds or thousands of people outside the company (outsource) remember channel such a wide promotion.


Although the budget issued is very large, not all games AAA guaranteed success, you name it recently Fallout 76 or Anthem which received a lot of negative criticism. But regardless of the success or failure of a games, games with the AAA label will attract the attention of many people to buy or at least aware with existence games (thanks to its massive promotion).