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Weaknesses of Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends that You Need to Know

If a hero in the game only has advantages, it will definitely make the game conditions unbalanced. In addition to his advantages, Yu Zhong also has disadvantages. Well, in this article, we will discuss the shortcomings of Yu Zhong’s Mobile Legends hero. Anything? see more below.

Weaknesses of Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends

1. Easy on Counter

lack of yu zhong

The weakness of Yu Zhong as the first Mobile Legends hero is that it is easy to counter. Yu Zhong himself is a type of hero who relies on the HP regen effect of his passive skills. The passive skill also relies on Spell Vamp.

To fight it, you can counter using anti regen equipment such as Sea Helberd or Necklace of Durance. Later, the spell vamp effect of Yu Zhong’s passive HP regen cannot be maximized. Yu Zhong would have a hard time recovering his HP with his passive skill.

2. Weak against Hero Crowd Control

lack of yu zhong

Yu Zhong is fairly weak against Crowd Control heroes. To counter Yu Zhong, you can use the Crowd Control hero tank. The CC effect given by the hero will hinder Yu Zhong’s movement and make it difficult for Yu Zhong to use his skills.

3. Have a Long Skill Cooldown

lack of yu zhong

Another weakness of Yu Zhong is the Cooldown skill, especially his ultimate skill which is quite long. Even though you have used items to reduce the cooldown, the cooldown is still relatively longer than other fighters.

4. Positioning Must be Right

lack of yu zhong

Because it is a hero who is vulnerable to CC, players must be good at knowing the right positioning when teamfight. Do not immediately break through because it will only create momentum for the opposing team to counter attack.

5. Become the Main Target During Teamfight

lack of yu zhong

During Teamfight, Yu Zong is one of the enemy’s targets. That’s because this hero is very troublesome when it turns into a black dragon. While still in human mode, the enemy tries to give crowd control.

For this reason, it is important to pay attention to whether the opponent has issued CC or not. You can just use the ultimate skill when teamfight. However, it is very vulnerable to death because Yu Zhong is only immune to Crowd Control, not to damage.

The position of Yu Zhong who is in the forefront during a team fight will also make the enemy target him first.

Well, that’s the lack of Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends. You can determine the right Yu Zhong build item so that it can last longer during team fights or solo lanes. Keep visiting the Champions Website and Follow our Instagram for new and interesting information updates.