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Wanmin Restaurant Genshin Impact New Web Event, Get 150 Free Primogems

The new web event “A Wanmin Welcome” or Wanmin Restaurant Genshin Impact has just started. The event will last for nine days, starting from March 16 to March 25, 2022.

The show was previously released in China, with the same duration of nine days. Two weeks later, it was released on Global Server.

Get a total of 150 Primogems

The event was announced on March 2, 2022, following its release in China. This web event will take place around Wanmin Xiangling Restaurant.

During the event, players can choose from nine meal sets, each consisting of six dishes.


source : sportskeeda

If each set of dishes is successfully completed, the player will get 50 primogems. It is important to note that players can only be rewarded for three food sets for a total prize pool of 150 primogems.

After the player completes a dish, the same dish will be sent to the in-game email. If 150 primogems have been claimed, players can continue to cook dishes and get the same food.

Event rules “A Wanmin Welcome” or Wanmin Restaurant Genshin Impact

Players would be able to cook three times a day so they could get 50 Primogems every other day.

The cooking method is the same as the in-game system, where players must stop cooking when the needle is in the gray area.

Get 150 Primogems From Wanmin Restaurant Genshin Impact's New Web Event

source : sportskeeda

However, there’s no need to worry because even if players fail to cook, they will not waste the opportunity to be able to cook every day.

Players must choose one of nine available sets. Each set will reward players with 50 Primogem and 2 Mystic Enhancement Ores. There are also different Mora and Hero’s Wits in each set.

Mora’s rewards range from 10,000 to 90000, while Hero’s Wit rewards range from 1 to 9. We recommend choosing a reward based on the player’s needs.

After selecting the desired set, players are required to complete six dishes for that set before being able to claim the set prize.

The finished dish will be sent to the “Tray,” where players can serve the dish on the dining table.

Players are free to choose to change sets, the food will be returned to the tray when it is served.

That’s the information about the new Wanmin Restaurant Genshin Impact web event. Quite simple but useful.

It takes a little effort to get additional Primogems which helps players to make more wishes.

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