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Venice Genshin Impact: Know More About This One Character

Genshin Impact has a lot of characters with their own unique elemental strengths. This article will discuss about Venice Genshin Impact, one of the characters in the game that is rumored to be added to the game. Know more about this one character.

Venice Genshin Impact

In early March, the YouTube account Genshin Impact released a new character trailer. The video tells the story of the four cardinal points of Mondstadt. The four cardinal points include the following characters:

  • Andrius, Wolf of the North
  • Jean, Southern Lion
  • Venice, Falcon of the West
  • Dvalin, Dragon of the East

Vennessa Genshin Impact is one of the characters from the Four Winds. He hasn’t appeared in the game until now. Vennesha in Genshin Impact is considered one of the heroes.

He was instrumental in ending the Aristocracy and founding the City of Mondstadt and the Knights of Favonius. After the knight’s death, he ascended to Celestia in Windrise and became Falcon on the West.

In-Game Version Story

However, there is a different version of the story of this Venesha character. Although he never appeared in the game, his existence was repeatedly mentioned by Venti and Dr. Edith.

Originally part of the Manga series, Venessa and Venti are told to be friends who fight together in the battle against the Aristocracy. They and others battled Ursa the Drake for the keys to the city.

Lord Lawrence, ruler of Mondstadt at that time promised to hand over the keys to the city to Venice if he succeeded in defeating Ursa.

Blessing divine boosts from the God of Freedom, Venice finally won the fight and managed to drive Ursa the Drake away. He also gained complete control over the city and built so many things that can even be seen today in the world of Genshin Impact.

Many players have asked if and when Venice will be added to the game? What role will he play? All questions will be answered once Genshin Impact updates the next patch.

miHoYo itself added more dialogues referring to Venice in the latest update. But for certainty whether or not it will be added to the game, we’ll just have to wait for the next patch update.

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