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Tsurumi Genshin Impact Old Slate Locations

This article will provide a guide to help you find all the locations of the Tsurumi Island Old Slate in Genshin Impact.

While exploring Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact, you may come across many secrets and quirks. That includes collecting multiple tablets to unlock rewards.

Location guide of Tsurumi Genshin Impact’s Stone Slate Locations

Most likely you will do the world quest Through the Mists – A Special Peculiar Author or “a special writer” on Tsurumi Island.

That part of the quest takes you deep below Shirikoro Peak in search of perch offerings. After getting the third and final feather, you’ll see a hole that has some scary-looking gravestones.

All of these tombstones require Stone Slate or old slate. However, you are asked to take it from the chest first. And you also have to solve some puzzles.

You won’t be able to do anything if you’re only on Day 1 of the world quest. You need to wait for the daily reset.

The Day 2 stage will require the Peculiar Pinion gadget, something that will be of great importance as we search for the Tsurumi Island Old Slate in Genshin Impact.

Tsurumi Genshin Impact 1 and 2 Old Slate Locations – Shikoro Peak