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Tricks to Unlock All Super Smash Bros. Characters. Ultimate Quickly

In the previous article, we studied three ways to unlock all the characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Each method takes a different amount of time. World of Light takes the longest but the most unique experience. While Classic Mode and Smash need a shorter time.

Even so, the total time needed to unlock all the characters is not short. It took me two nights myself to do it.

It turns out that there is a trick that can shorten the process of unlocking this character. You only need no more than two hours using the mechanism buffer which is in Smash mode.

To unlock new characters through Smash mode, you have to go through a certain distance in the battle arena before finally getting a new character. In addition, the game also provides buffer 10 minutes before you can get a new character.

This means that after getting a new character, you have to play again for at least 10 minutes until the next character appears and challenges. With more than 70 characters, this of course takes a lot of time.

Well, not if you meet all the conditions in one stack at once. The trick is quite simple. First, create a new rule in Smash 1 on 1 mode with timer 20 minutes.

After that, don’t just win the game. Run throughout the game for 20 minutes. To make it easier, you should play with player second or with the lowest level CPU.

After 20 minutes, let the match time end, you will be challenged by a new character. Defeat and get the character, then move to the next step.

Since you’ve been running for a full 20 minutes, you’ve technically met one requirement to unlock multiple characters at once. The only thing standing in your way is buffer 10 minutes.

Well, to outsmart this, go out and close Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, then reopen. Play in Smash mode and finish as fast as possible. I recommend using stock battle with rule one stockand immediately committed suicide as soon as the match started.

Once the match is over, you will be challenged by a new character again. yes, buffer Those 10 minutes pass after you reopen the game. Defeat then get the character.

After that reset your game once again, play stock battle one stock, instantly kill yourself, and get the next challenger. And so on until you no longer get new challengers. If that happens, go back to running for the full 20 minutes like the first step.

On average, running a full 20 minutes in one arena will unlock more than 30 characters at a time. That means you only need to repeat this iterative process once or twice. After that do stock battle one stockand get a new character.

One thing to keep in mind is that this trick speeds up the process of creating new challengers. To actually get the character, you still have to beat the challenger. If not, you’ll have to wait until you can re-challenge.

Defeating new character challengers is not exactly easy. So, prepare yourself.