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Trending! These are 5 games that deserve a remake of the Gimbot version

Now for some reason the developers are making a trend for remake game. For example, on January 25, 2022, we will be treated to a game remake sufficient hype namely Resident Evil 2.

For version demo-By itself, the game has been downloaded more than a million times worldwide.

Talking about the game remakethere are at least five more games that seem very good to play remake. Let’s just discuss, here are 5 games that are worth playing remake version gimbot.

1. Tenchu ​​Series

Rikimaru, right?

Tenchu must be recognized as one PlayStation 1 games best ever. Until now, games with ninja themes like this have always been one of the most sought after by gamer.

Maybe if in remake, Tenchu can adapt detailed RPG elements such as The Witcher 3 for example. Of course, plus how to beat the enemy brutally or stealth can be like the original version. Are you interested in seeing Rikimaru back?

2. Tomba Series

Defeat the evil pig!

On PlayStation 1, the name Tomba it’s not very well known. The only series Tomba which boom in that era was Tomba 2: The Evil Swim Return.

For the size of a PlayStation 1 game, Tomba I have to admit it’s pretty cool. Tomba includes a lot of RPG elements that are quite challenging in it starting from the selection equipment (armor and weapons) to missions that are quite complicated typical of RPG games.

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By touch engine games that are now more sophisticated. Tomba Series very worthy of remake because it already has a solid core of the game from the start.

3. Monster Rancher 2

Made online? Definitely exciting dong!

Decent game in remake The next is Monster Rancher 2. Here you will be a trainer who focuses on keeping monsters.

You will provide food, vitamins, maintain health, and train. The goal is twofold, namely to make your monsters strong and to keep them healthy.

The game used to be very competitive because we could fight against player another with our own collection of monsters.

To do remake against this one game and give it an online feature? Auto selling maybe!

4. Super Shoot Soccer

FIFA or PES? Super Shot Soccer never mind!

Currently, the soccer game is dominated by two big games, namely: Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA. These two games are hard to beat because they already have their own base of supporters.

But it seems that there is one game that can shake the dominance of the two, namely Super Shoot Soccer. In the PlayStation 1 era, this one game was able to become a popular game like Winning Eleven.

There is something unique about this game because this game is like a soccer game in general but with an extra “kick”.

Well, this move can be issued to break into the opponent’s goal. Many unique moves and usually three teams provide three unique moves. gimbot hope this game becomes one of the games that are ogled for remake.

5. Dino Crisis

overtake Resident Evil 2: Remake dong!

So far, Capcom is a developer who is keen on doing remake and remaster. At the beginning of 2022 it is believed Resident Evil 2 will be a successful game.

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Capcom still has a chance to achieve the same success as the game Dino Crisis.

Same as Resident Evil, Dino Crisis in console The PlayStation 1 has a huge fan base. If in remakethe chances of this game being a success are very high.