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Top 5 Deadliest Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile!

Assault rifles or commonly known as Assault Rifle is one of the types of weapons that we often encounter in the game shooter.

Just like the original, Assault Rifle in PUBG Mobile also has the characteristics to shoot effectively in medium rare.

Here are 5 weapons Assault Rifle best PUBG Mobile which you must choose!

1. M416

The M416 can be said to be the favorite weapon for most PUBG Mobile players. Because this weapon is equipped with features attachments as suppressor, light grip, extendor tactics vector.

When using complete accessories this weapon will be very powerful for battle close range nor long range.


SCAR-L is one of the Assault Rifle best PUBG Mobilebecause this weapon is very easy to control at the moment firing and recoilits not that bad when compared to the same type of weapon.

One of the advantages of this weapon is scoop 4x. As an additional tip, it is not recommended to use red dot during close combat, but use holographic As a replacement.

3. AKM

AKM or the abbreviation of Avtomat Kalashnikova Machine is the best Assault Rifle type weapon in PUBG Mobile for having damage the big one with 7.62mm caliber bullets.

Even so big damagenya, the enemy who used armor or helmet level 3 can fall down with just a few shots.

However, behind damage However, the AKM has a weakness, namely the low bullet speed. If you want to do spray down not recommended to use scoop because recoil result is too severe.

4. AUG

Unlike other weapons, AUG can only be obtained through water drop. AUG is perfect for most players, because it has firing and a good level of accuracy.

A number of attachments as suppressor, vertical foregripand extend quickdraw also very useful for this weapon.

5. Groza

Just like AUG, this weapon can only be obtained through water drop. And even though it comes from water dropthis weapon belongs to the category rare or rare.

Groza has character firing rate which is fast, so it can be said that this weapon is quite lethal.

Using 7.62mm caliber bullets, Groza can only use suppressor and extend quickdraw just.