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Tier List Hero Mobile Legends M2 2022

The M2 World Championship has just ended. The team from the Philippines, BREN Esports made a new history by coming out victorious. In this highest caste MLBB tournament, many heroes are used by players. We will give tier list Mobile Legends M2 2022 heroes.

This tier list is made based on the priority of hero picks and bans for pro players on the M2 event created by expert_leonin from his Instagram page.

Tier List Hero Mobile Legends M2 2022

Tier List Hero Mobile Legends M2 2021

The table above is the majority top tier in the form of heroes who brought great success to the team that competed in M2. Here’s more.



Tier list hero Mobile Legends M2 in position marksman there’s Brody. This hero is almost always banned and even when released, the opposing team must take it. Brody became very OP thanks to damage big that makes him difficult tocounter.

This hero is used by the winner of M2, BREN Esports with the most items defense against the Burmese Ghouls in the final. Under Brody was Claude who was at tier S, along with Yi Shun-Shin and Wan-wan.



Meanwhile for heroes fighter many are used, three of which are used as tanks namely Jawhead, Silvanna who is LeoMurphy’s mainstay hero and Chou. It’s only natural because all three of them have CC it’s quite annoying when on-point.

There are other fighters who are used as offlaners, such as Yu Zhong and Lapu-lapu. The two are often tires and picks.


Tier List Hero Mobile Legends M2 2021

For Assassins, in the SS tier there are Benedetta and Natalia. These two heroes are very dangerous when released. Although there are also those who let go and choose to be at the counter. However, this one hero is often used as a key in a team.

Meanwhile, Natalia who entered the tire was only picked up once. However, the pick against it is often done.


Esmeralda MLBB

In position Mage there is Esmeralda, Luo Yi and Alice as top tier (SS). Alice is often used by BREN Esports as an offlaner. Likewise with the Esmeralda, although often also on the tires. While Luo Yi is sometimes released in the early game because the damage is very large when in this position.

Under the top tier there is tier S which is filled by Harith, Kagura, Pharsa and Harley. The four heroes can be said to be successfully played as jungler. Although, Harley is one of the jungler worst.

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In the tank position there is Baxia who was successfully used by Flaptzy as an offlaner and is strong enough to counter heroes offlaner others such as Esmeralda and Lapu-lapu. Baxia also succeeded in bringing BREN Esports as the champion in the highest MLBB tournament.

Under Baxia are Tigreal, Akai and Atlas with tier S. All three are pretty good picks if Silvanna, Jawhead, or Chou are banned and picked.


In position support, there is Mathilda who occupies the top tier (SS) position. This relatively new hero has quite high mobility and great damage. That’s because beside as supportMathilda is also a Assassin.

There is also a hero who is quite annoying and annoying, Diggie. In the Grand Final, this one hero became the target of a ban because the Burmese Ghouls were very adept at using it. Diggie was also the reason RRQ Hoshi lost in the upper bracket.

Well, that’s the tier list of Mobile Legends M2 2022 heroes based on pick and tire priorities. This is only a subjective opinion yes from an xpert_leonin. May be useful.