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These are the 5 Most Expensive Cards in Artifact a week after release

Like a physical card game, in Artifact You can get the card you want by buying it directly on the Steam Market. Not only that, you can also sell the cards you have.

The price of each card will of course continue to change depending on various factors. Most cards only cost a few hundred Rupiah. However, there are also cards that are very expensive. It’s so expensive, the card can return some of the costs you spent to buy this game, which is IDR 300,000.

In this article we will discuss the five most expensive cards in the world Artifact a week after the game was released. This means that later this card could be cheaper or even more expensive. Who knows.

1. Ax (Rp 255.000,-)

Since day one, Ax has become the most expensive card in the world Artifact. When it was first released, it was even sold for more than Rp. 300,000. Yup, more expensive than Artifact itself.

Ax itself is a hero card with a red color. Even though he doesn’t have any special abilities, Ax has a body or stats very strong like other red heroes. It can survive for the entire duration of the game and you can strengthen it with cards items.

One reason that makes Ax so popular is the special card he has, namely Berserker’s Call. With this card, Ax or another red hero can kill three blocker in front of him before the Combat Phase. Then because usually have stats or a very strong body, Ax or red heroes who use Berserker’s Call will survive.

2. Drow Ranger (Rp 186.000,-)

Unlike other green heroes, Drow Ranger has a slightly thinner HP. But in exchange he has abilities very strong.

As long as Drow Ranger is in the game, Drow Ranger’s Precision Aura will make all units in the game have one point attack addition. This effect makes a strategy that overwhelms board or lane with creeps so more effective.

The Drow Ranger special card is also very powerful. Once used, Gust will make all enemy heroes in lane caught silence. In that state, the opponent can only use items.

If used while you are holding Initiative, Gust easily prevents the opponent from doing anything. That way you can take over lane easily.

3. Kanna (Rp 129.000,-)

Kanna has a much bigger HP than other blue heroes. With 12 HP, he can survive the first round even if he has to meet another, stronger hero.

The card in particular, Prey on The Weak is also very strong and that’s another reason why it has such a high price tag. If used well, this one card can overwhelm lane with creeps in an instant.

Creep emerging from Prey on The Weak might be weak. But sometimes it means nothing if the opponent does not answer it. Moreover, you can also make creeps it is stronger. One of them is the Precision Aura from Drow Ranger which we discussed above.

4. Time of Triumph (Rp117,000,-)

Time of Triumph is one of the finisher most popular today. Once used all your heroes in lane will be very strong.

With the effects you can read above, heroes who get Time of Triumph will obviously be very difficult to kill. Not only that, they can also beat up the opponent and destroy tower easily. Truly ultimate late game card.

5. Annihilation (Rp104,000,-)

Unlike the Time of Triumph which is a card finisherAnnihilation is a card get out of jail ultimate for deck blue.

This card destroys all units in lane, whether it’s your own or your opponent’s. In a situation where the opponent has pressure difficult to deal with, this one card will eliminate pressure it in an instant.

Blue usually has a card late game spells very strong. It is just, deck blue is usually hard to reach late game because heroes with this color tend to be very weak. Annihilation is the solution to delay the game. That way you can achieve late game and turn things around a turn or two later.

Once again, the price above is dated December 5, 2022. The price can go up or down depending on conditions meta-game and other factors.

One thing that is clear is, having this card does not mean that you can win the game easily. In the end you still have to build deck solid with the cards on top.

On the other hand, not having the above card will not make you either deck you are weaker. There are still many choices deck who is no less strong and can win the game.

Download Artifact on Steam – Rp299,999,-