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These 5 old games are still popular because of the number of mods!

Source: DeviantArt by user619

The so-called old school game, of course, can’t beat today’s games, both in terms of graphics or even gameplay. This is because the technology that used to exist, was not as good as it is today.

It’s just undeniable that there are still many old school games that can still be said to be popular or many are playing. This is because it also develops mod in the game industry.

Basically all games can be given mod as long as the game is not protected or the developer intentionally made the game free for mods.

So, what are some old school games, which until now are still playing, especially those that exist? the mod? Cekidot!

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1. TEST V: Skyrim

One of the mods in Skyrim, Saiyan Race

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Who is not familiar with this game? This (quite) old school game that was released in 2011 turns out to be a lot of people still playing it you know.

This is because mod abundant, good mod to change the appearance of the character to change gameplay which exists.

You can install various mod existing ones can even make mod you yourself if you have the expertise to make it.

Para fan Skyrim even went so far as to split into two camps to do modding. Lover’s camp lore which is where they mod but try not to spoil the story in the game, and also lore breaker who doesn’t care about the story!

One of database to download the Skyrim mod you can check on Nexusmods.


2. GTA: San Andreas

One of the series Grand Theft Auto which was very popular at the time. Maybe this is because gameplay rich, interesting stories, and folder which is so wide to play compared to the previous GTA series.

GTA San Andreas (GTA:SA) is one of the series Grand Theft Auto which was released after its release GTA: Vice City. GTA:SA was released in 2004 along with other GTA series namely GTA Advance designated Gameboy Advance.

Together with Skyrim. GTA:SA has a lot mod which can be installed and change your playing experience. One of the sites that you can visit to try various mod it is GTAinside.


3. Unreal Tournament

Well, this is one of the very old games, but there are still people who play it. Unreal Tournament is an FPS type game developed using Unreal Engine.

well, game Unreal Tournament what is meant is not a game Unreal Tournament the latest but rather an old title.

If you have ever played a similar game Doom 2, Duke Nukemor Wolfeinstein, then you will feel that this game is very similar to those games.

One site mod for the game Unreal Tournament you can visit at ModDB.


4. Counter Strike

So, who’s still playing the old school series from Counter Strike? It turns out the old series from Counter Strike there are still those who play, one of the main reasons is that there are mod outstanding.

Counter Strike which was first released in 1999, it turns out that there are still many fans. Although Counter Strike the latest version, namely Counter Strike: Global Offensive, also very popular with gamer which became one of the mainstay of Valve.

You can try to find various mods for Counter Strike on ModDB.


5. Warcraft III

I don’t know why this game is more famous thanks to the presence of custom maps DOTA (Defense of the Ancient) All Stars, which is now a separate game with the name Dota 2.

Warcraft III it was originally developed with a variety of maps custom which can be made by various groups.

Even Blizzard, as the developer of Warcraft III, also helped create the map custom which has gameplay unique and much different from gameplay the original.

Until now map custom which can still be said mod in Warcraft III is still growing. You can download various mods or maps custom at Epicwar.


So, those are various old school games that until now there are still people who play them. What old school games do you like to play yourself?