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The Indonesian Esports Team That Has Formed the Valorant Division

Valorant was released in early June 2022. In Indonesia, several esports organizations have introduced this game from Riot. The Valorant tournament for the community has also appeared, if you want to follow it click here.

This article will discuss the Indonesian esports team that has formed the Valorant division. Who are they? Read more.

1. BOOM Esports

alter ego

The Indonesian Esports team that has formed the first Valorant Division, BOOM Esports. The rapid development of the first person shooter PC game from Riot Games has made this organization look for players to fill the Valorant roster.

After passing the recruitment stage, BOOM Esports officially introduced the players who will carry the team name in the Valorant tournament being held. The BOOM Esports roster of the Valorant division is:

  • Gary “Blazek1ng” Dastin (As Captain)
  • Agung “Sys” Frianto
  • Riyan “Notoriusx” Fiqri
  • Nanda ‘Asterisk’ Rizana
  • Adrian “Adrnking” Setiawan

2. NXL

NXL Valorant division

The homeland Veterans esports team founded by Richard Permana has spread its wings to a new game division, Valorant. Within 6 months of the game operating in Indonesia, NXL can enjoy 2 official tournaments that are tiered from local to regional.

However, it turns out that the Valorant division NXL is collaborating with the esports game league, an organization that was founded in 1999. Finally, NXL acquired ElecBosasa, a potential team that excels in a number of Valorant tournaments.

The following is the name of the Valorant NXL Ligagame roster:

  • FL1PJDER (captain)

3.RRQ Endeavor

RRQ Endeavor

The legendary Point Blank esports team has returned to the competitive scene with Riot’s new game, Valorant. Here’s the roster.

  • Frosty (Albert Giovanni)
  • Frostmisty (Herianto)
  • Talent (Armario Falentino)
  • Kingleo (Irvan Ardiansyah)

4. Morph Team


Morph Team is the next Indonesian esports organization to create the Valorant division. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Morph team said that this team acquired Xorgee which is one of the best teams in the country.

The following is the name of the Morph Team Roster – First Strike

  • Fidelwow
  • Nayy
  • XO
  • Famouz
  • FatPenguin
  • Cud

5. Alter Ego


Alter Ego Esports is also interested in forming a Valorant division. As is known, globally this game is in the spotlight and attracts many players after the close beta.

The following are a number of names that make up the roster of the VALORANT Alter Ego Esports division:

  • Anlika “LurkZz” Wahyoedi (captain)
  • Iqbal “Kyloo” Mauldhan
  • Rizuan “3nable” Hazi
  • Eric “NiZ” Vaza
  • Rey “vascaliz” Pardede

The names above turned out to be a number of young pro players who had been in the tier 1 pro scene of CS:GO Indonesia.

6. Onic Esports


An esports team from Indonesia that has won many tournaments both nationally and internationally, Onic Esports also has a Valorant division. Here are the Roster names.

  • ValdyN
  • Ahtela
  • RiseN
  • Mnyt
  • Young

So, those are a number of Indonesian esports teams that have formed the Valorant division. This game is relatively new, but many teams have formed this division. Even though the PC-based esport trend is fading, the development of the Valorant game has great opportunities like CS:GO.