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The Division 2 Guide - What Can Be Done During Private Beta?

Tom Clancy’s The Division is a game action role-playing developed by Massive Entertainment and released by Ubisoft.

The sequel itself, entitled The Division 2, will be released on March 15, 2022 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms.

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A little illustration, the story in The Division 2 takes the background in Washington DC seven months after the previous series in Manhattan which still leaves a civil war between survivors and criminal groups.


Well, the good news is that you can play the private beta demo on February 7-10 if you pre-order or register and get a demo access code.

Then, what can you do in The Division 2 during the private beta demo? Here’s the guide.

Play Missions

Main Missions are the main missions that you must complete. There are two main missions, namely the Grand Washington Hotel and the Jefferson Trade Center.

You will face at least three enemy factions, starting from the True Sons, Hyenas, and Outcasts. This enemy faction controls each zone in Washington DC

They desire to gain power after the crisis and claim that the future of Washington DC is their own.

Open World

As you explore Washington DC, you can also play five Side Missions if you want to play around for a bit to get out of the way storyline such as Empire Autumn Hotel, MLK Library Hostages, National Archives, Department of Justice, Bureau Headquarters.

Note, when playing the demo, some character features such as points and activities will be limited during the testing phase. You are only allowed to create one character and the character level is limited to level seven.

Some of the locations that you will visit in dealing with different enemy factions are The White House – Base of Operations in DC, Downtown East, The Federal Triangle, East Mall, Final Epiphany, The 1040, and Dark Zone East.

Dark Zone & Conflict

If your main mission will be dealing with enemy factions or PvC, it’s different with the Dark Zone. Dark Zone is a PvP arena where you can fight with other players in different groups.

In the Dark Zone itself, there are also high-level enemy factions that have loot weapon with a high level if successfully defeated. You can also kill other players to seize the weapons they get while in the Dark Zone.

In Dark Zone, Trust No One

The Division 2 will have three Dark Zone locations, namely Dark Zone East, Dark Zone South, and Dark Zone West. Dark Zone East is the largest of the three, you will get an introduction mission from Senait Ezera — Dark Zone NPC in Base Operations after completing the Jefferson Trade Center mission.

End Game

Ubisoft also offers a gaming experience ending in The Division 2. Once you complete the Jefferson Trade Center, you’ll gain access to end-of-game missions that unlock three level 30 characters on your character who have weapons. high-end.

Survivalists are equipped with crossbows that can release explosions from a distance. Sharpshooters are armed with .50 caliber sniper rifles. Demolitionists use grenade launchers.

Reportedly after this game was released, all the DLC for story content and fashion gameplay will be available free of charge. Check out the private beta trailer video below.

That’s a guide that can help you play the private beta demo of The Division 2. Have you got the access code Bot? Haha.