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Test Your Thinking Skills with the 5 Best Puzzle Games on PC/Steam

Thanks to technological developments, games puzzle always offers a different experience, including on PC. You no longer just solve puzzle on a virtual table, but straight into his unique world. Not only that, puzzle given are also very varied and with various rules.

For those of you who like brain challenges that test your thinking skills, here are five games puzzle best you can play on PC/Steam.

Portal Series

It doesn’t feel right if we discuss the game puzzle without discussing the series Portal. Not like a game puzzle in general, Portal played with game-style perspective and mechanics first-person shooter. The difference is, the only weapon you use is the Portal Gun.

With this Portal Gun, you can create portals to move from one point to another. Using this portal you are then challenged to solve puzzle unique based platform under the supervision and guidance of GLADoS.

The game offers a gaming experience puzzle unique, with puzzle which not only challenges thinking skills but also execution. In addition, GLADoS is full of sarcasm and dark jokes that will make you curious, laugh a little, but also scared.

Portal introduces the various basic mechanics of the game slowly but still interestingly. But if you want more challenge, you can try right away Portal 2 which still carries all the mechanics Portal plus other tools. Besides that, Portal 2 also have fashion co-op.

Download Portal on Steam – Rp69,999
Download Portal 2 on Steam – Rp69,999


Braid is a game platformer puzzles who became one of the pioneers of the game indie and platform puzzle genre modern. Don’t be fooled by its simple graphics, as the game features a number of puzzle which is quite difficult.

The game has simple basic mechanics like the game platformer namely running, climbing, and jumping. You can kill an opponent by stepping on his head, as well as doing rewind unlimited time. With all these abilities, you must solve puzzle and find the key to move to the next level.

Originally killed the opponent and rewind this time only serves to overcome obstacles or try again after failing. But the further you play, puzzle what you face will challenge you to use all the mechanics available.

Even though it’s quite old, Braid is one of those games puzzle which is very challenging even with simple mechanics. Suitable for those of you who want to test your abilities while still actively moving your character.

Download Braid on Steam – Rp115.999

The Witness

Designed by the same person, Jonathan Blow, many say that The Witness is the successor of Braid. Even though I have feel and mechanic puzzle different, it is undeniable that both are quite challenging.

You play on a beautiful island and are asked to solve puzzle shaped pathing. Each puzzle have their own rules, for example the line you make must pass through all the existing black dots. Gathering puzzle this then activates various machines which eventually activates a mountain in the center of the island.

Initially, puzzle what you have to solve is quite simple. However, as you travel further, you are required to not only think, but also observe your surroundings, including the beautiful view where you are standing at that time.

Download The Witness on Steam – Rp269,999


Gorogoa is a game puzzle which demands imagination through image manipulation. Despite having a simple concept, the game has a variety of very interesting interactions in each of the games puzzle served.

Each puzzle in Gorogoa involves four panels containing images. Your task is to pan, zoom, stack, or split the images in each of the panels to interact with each other and make the images move. Keep doing that so you can achieve the main mission, which is collecting fruit to find mysterious monsters.

This game has gameplay time short, but unique interactions in each puzzle make this game worth playing.

Download Gorogoa on Steam – Rp95.999


Limbo is a game puzzle-platformer with a very dark and mysterious atmosphere. You have to pass through various areas from forests to factories to find a girl. But your journey is far from easy and full of dangers.

All things in Limbo want to kill you. Living beings and even fellow humans try to set traps for you. Even inanimate objects like machines have dangerous interactions that can kill you too.

Your job is to think about what you have to do to escape death and move on. With puzzle varied and quite depressing atmosphere, Limbo you must try if you like games with dark and mysterious atmosphere.

Download Limbo on Steam – Rp89,999

Many more games puzzle interesting things you can find on Steam. We will also update this article with more games puzzle that can challenge your thinking skills.