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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Worth Buying or Not?

After nine months since it was first announced, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate finally released on Nintendo Switch released on December 7, 2022.

This very popular series from Nintendo is indeed in demand by many people in all walks of life. Because apart from the series smash, where else can you battle your favorite Nintendo game characters. Besides that, smash also provide experience brawler mix game fighting which is unique and different from other games.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this itself is the fifth version of the series smash after the last version was released on the Wii U and 3DS. The question is, how good is this latest version for Nintendo Switch? Is it worth buying?

Welcome to Smash!

One thing that makes the series smash The most popular in the global market is its unique but simple basic mechanics. If this is a game smash First off, let us explain the ground rules.

Your task is to attack the opponent’s character with the character you use. Different from the game fighting In general, your life is shown as a percentage starting from zero. Every time you land an attack, this number will go up and throw your opponent.

The greater the percentage of the opponent’s life, the farther your opponent is thrown. Interestingly, your opponent is declared dead or loses one life not if that number reaches 100 percent, but when he is thrown far enough out of the arena.

Sometimes you have to fight extra hard to catapult your opponent. But sometimes you can also play very cleverly and force your opponent out of the arena even though you haven’t received too much damage.

A Game for Everyone

Even though it’s actually a game brawler which leads a little to the game fighting, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate got a very simple button configuration.

Whatever character you use, all the buttons have the same function. Button A for normal attacks, and button B for special attacks. X or Y for jump, R/L for grab itand ZR/ZL to parry.

For a variety of attacks, you only need to press the direction keys plus the A or B keys. There are no key combinations to remember to issue certain moves. All movements can be issued easily and it’s up to you to be creative in using them.

It’s this simple control base that makes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate suitable for everyone. No need to be afraid because you’ve never played smash previously or do not know a certain key combination. Just choose your character and start playing.

Despite having a simple base, the mechanics in this game are actually quite deep for those of you who are older hardcore. Like a game fightingthere are lots of interactions and mechanics that make the game transform from a brawler with family becomes a very fast battle.

You can watch the video above to see how deep you can dig into the mechanics of the game.

A Game for Everyone

One more factor that makes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate something that suits everyone is the sheer amount of content and features on offer.

The game offers four main features, namely Smash, Classic Mode, Spirit, and Online. Each is able to meet the needs of all players.

In the Smash feature, you can compete in the mode you want. If you want to complain skills with friends, just play one on one in this mode. Choose a fair arena, turn it off itemsand show who is better.

If you want to have fun with your family in battle royale very crowded, use the eight player setup in this mode. Choose the arena you like, provide itemsthen enjoy the chaos on the screen.

If you want to play alone but still want to challenge your skills, you can play in Classic Mode. In this mode there are many challenges that you can take, ranging from gauntlet six stages up to a one-on-100 match.

If you want a longer adventure and a variety of challenges, you can play World of Light under Spirit mode. In World of Light, you will travel around various places and face various enemies in order to save all the characters captured by Master Hand.

If you are a serious player who has no friends to play with, enter the mode on line and look for opponents on the internet. Prove that you’re good at not just against one or two friends, but hundreds of other players out there.

The point is, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there is always a mode for all purposes. Whether it’s for fun or to improve skills played, there’s always a way to smash.

The number of game options alone makes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate worth buying and playing by various types of players. But we don’t stop there.

Everyone is Here! Choose Your Favorite Character!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has more than 70 playable characters. This is the highest number in the history of the series smashand the number will continue to grow with expansion and DLC.

All of the characters present also come from various popular game series around the world. In addition to popular characters such as Pikachu and Mario, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate you can also play as Zelda and Ganondorf from the series The Legend of ZeldaInkling of the series Splatoonuntil Cloud Strife of the series Final Fantasy XII.

These characters are unique not only in terms of appearance and fulfill a sense of nostalgia. Each character has their own uniqueness and fighting style.

Big characters like Bowser or Donkey Kong have slow moves but powerful punches. On the other hand, small characters like Pichu are very vulnerable but very agile and hard to catch. Then there are also sword characters, zoner with a myriad of projectiles, and much more.

The movements of each character are also still identical to the characteristics of those characters in their original series. Pikachu, for example, has many attacks that use lightning. Inkling uses various weapons that often appear in Splatoon. Bayonetta used her signature magic, and so on.

Whether it’s because it matches the way of fighting and/or the aesthetics, there’s bound to be one character that you’ll like and become your mainstay in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. More reason to play!

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Equipped with Cool Music and Visuals

Visually, the appearance of the characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate not much has changed from the previous version on the Nintendo Wii U. Some of the characters get a little touch up, but not significantly.

What gets some changes and additions is the game arena where you play. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate provides over 100 arenas, nearly double the Wii U’s 55 (not counting expansions and DLC).

All of these arenas, of course, take the theme of the various games from which each character originates. The majority of the old arenas still feel the same, while the new ones are no less good and are able to represent their respective original games.

This makes the nostalgic side of each game even stronger. After all It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Cloud fight in Midgar, although this time the opponent is a little different.

But good presentation given Super Smash Bros. Ultimate it doesn’t just stop there. The music in this game is also very well presented. You will hear some familiar music from your favorite games.

Each piece of music is not simply taken from the original game. Some of the music was rearranged into a new version. When playing in the arena of the Pokemon world for example, you may be presented with a mix of music from Pokemon Sun/Moon when facing Solgaleo and Lunala.

This music gives each arena a more familiar feel. Honestly, some of the music in the game is also pretty cool to listen to separately via the in-game Vault menu.

If you ask whether Sumer Smash Bros. Ultimate worth buying or not, the answer is clear yes. In fact, I think this one game is enough to fulfill various needs at home. With this game, you can play with your family or super tryhard good against other players on line nor offline.

Coupled with a myriad of content and a very slick presentation, I think the price of this game, both physically and through the Nintendo e-Shop is quite cheap. Believe me, there are many things you can enjoy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, either alone or with other people. Series smash this is eagerly awaited and highly anticipated not without reason.