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Strange Story In Konda / Strange Story In Konda Genshin Impact - Explore the Basics of Well Puzzle – Strange Story in Konda / Strange Story In Konda Genshin Impact is a new quest that is quite long and can be very difficult to solve, especially the well puzzles.

This quest can be found in the new Inazuma region. If you’ve never been to this area and are wondering how to get there, here’s a guide.

The quest begins at the Sky Kitsune Statue temple near Konda Village, where a mysterious stranger will turn to you for help.

Ask Residents For Information In Konda Village

After talking to the mysterious masked woman, she will ask you to use Electro power on the Sky Kitsune Statue behind her.

Choose a character that has this type of attack. Then the woman who reveals her name as Kazari will ask you to go to Konda Village.

Go there and talk to the locals. The person you need to talk to is called Takeru, and he’s on the roof of a nearby house.

Give Evidence to the Village Head