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She And The Light Bearer Review: A Journey Of Hope

After the demo was released in November 2022, the game She And The Light Bearer from Mojiken Studio finally released on Steam. Since it was first introduced, the game promises to be very beautiful visuals. But the question is, of course, does this game have more quality than just visuals?

In short sentences, you could say She And The Light Bearer provide an experience that I did not expect. For more details, let’s see review this.

Journey to Save the Forest

You will play as Firefly who has a big task. He must explore the forest and awaken a forest spirit named Mother. Otherwise, a Devourer will appear and destroy the forest.

Along the way, Firefly will meet several characters. They will help provide paths and tools to find Mother. This assistance is certainly not free. Since he is the “chosen one” to save the forest, he must run several errands to prove himself.

She And The Light Bearer is a game with point and click genre. The tasks and problems you face are simple puzzles. To solve it, you have to find and/or use the objects you find.

Overall, the puzzles in She And The Light Bearer just normal. Which object you have to click has been shown with its own visual effect. In addition, the character who assigns the task or puzzle usually provides directions for its solution.

Indeed, there are some puzzles that require backtracking, but you usually only need to move one area to find the solution you’re looking for. This means that the experience you get will feel linear.

But that doesn’t matter because in She And The Light Bearer, gameplay not the main highlight. What makes this game memorable is the story and the presentation of the story.

Everyone Brings Their “Hope”

Since the prologue, She And The Light Bearer directly shows the quality in terms of visuals. All the visuals in this game, from the setting to the characters, are images hand-drawn which looks very beautiful. Almost all scene and the area you deserve to make screenshots. Don’t worry, after you finish the game you will get a gallery for it.

Together with those visuals, the music in She And The Light Bearer also complete your journey. The majority of the music in this game is very relaxing like a green forest.

While the graphics and audio of the game are very good, one thing that caught my eye is the characters. And boy they are so endearing.

All characters in She And The Light Bearer has a very strong personality. This makes all the interactions and dialogues that occur in the game interesting to watch. The star in this game, of course, is Firefly, the main character.

Despite being the “chosen one” to carry out an important task, Firefly is not a hero character. He is a very young firefly, perhaps too young to take on the task of saving a forest from evil creatures. He is kind, but still very naive about the outside world.

Often he is confused, annoyed, and also afraid when interacting with other characters or faced with unfamiliar situations. These emotions are shown well through the various expressions he shows. Coupled with the appropriate writing and voice dialogue, the expressions of Firefly and other characters are also one reason why all the characters are cast She And The Light Bearer feels natural.

Firefly as the main character also has a consistent character. After learning new things and proving himself, he remains afraid and confused about what he is facing. The fear he felt also grew stronger as the game neared the end. Because despite what he’s been through, being the only hope to save the “world” isn’t easy, especially for a young Firefly who has never seen the world. But in the midst of it all, he continued to move forward and carry out his duties.

At some point I felt more and more connected to Firefly and its journey in She And The Light Bearer. I was wondering why. What makes a game point and click with this fairy tale-style story can touch.

After finishing playing I finally know: what Firefly goes through is not much different from what we experience. Indeed, we are not the ones chosen to save the world. But in this life we ​​will often face various trials. Ready or not, these trials must be passed, whether it’s for the sake of yourself or others.

Sometimes, the trials you face may be too heavy and unfamiliar. You hesitate and are afraid to even make a decision and move on. But in the end you have to keep going, because what you want to achieve is at the end there. If you mean it, the whole world will try to help you get there.

Maybe your interpretation is different, and that’s okay. Because story mediums such as games can indeed lead to different opinions and interpretations from each player. One thing is clear is She And The Light Bearer managed to keep me quiet and think about interpreting the short story in it.

She And The Light Bearer may not provide experience gameplay challenging or up-to-date. But for two to three hours of playing it, the game will take you on an adventure that will excite you.