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Review of GRIS, an Indie Platformer Game with Stunning Visuals

GRIS is a game indie puzzle platformer from Nomada Studio which was released in mid-December 2022. The first time I saw the visual on the Steam Store, this game immediately promised a very charming appearance, closing platformer genre in 2022 with mood the same after being opened by Celeste last January.

Once you’ve done that, the game doesn’t lie. GRIS provide a very beautiful visual experience along with the experience platformer which is quite simple.

Returning What’s Lost

In GRIS, you will play as a nameless woman. The world around him shattered and lost color, as did what he had previously had. You then control this woman to explore the ruins and restore it to how it used to be.

Like a game platformer, you have to jump and use other abilities to get past various obstacles. There are four levels that you must pass, and each time you complete one level you will unlock a new color to your world.

Overall, gameplay served in GRIS enough straightward and simple. Each level introduces a new mechanic, but doesn’t neglect the old mechanics to complete the obstacles. For those of you who need more of a challenge, there are several Memento that you can find and collect in each level.

Sadly, GRIS not offer more. If you are quite familiar with platformer genre more difficult ones like Celeste or Hollow Knight, you may feel less challenged. Not only that, you can complete this game in three hours and it’s minimal replay value. It’s a shame because I think with the existing mechanics, this game can provide some more difficult challenges in each level.

Inside story GRIS also a little meh. There is, but it’s not very evocative even to the end. Maybe this is because throughout the game you don’t interact with anyone. As a result, you may have time to wonder what the real cause and purpose of your trip to explore the ruins is.

Nice Presentation

What is lacking in terms of gameplay covered by a stunning presentation. GRIS is so damn pretty. watercolor used in this game makes every corner and moment in the game seem worth it wallpapers. I even had time to take screenshots every few seconds or after passing an obstacle.

The camera changes in each part of the game also help you see how beautiful the world you are playing in from afar can be. Then every time you unlock a new level and color, the scenery you see is also more beautiful. But even the initial levels with limited colors are still pleasing to the eye.

This visual experience is also complemented by music that is no less good. While enjoying the visuals, music GRIS which is calming and also completes your experience of this world of ruins even more evocative. I highly recommend playing with earphones or headset to enjoy this game experience to the fullest.


GRIS is a game that offers a very beautiful visual and musical experience. Unfortunately this is not balanced with gameplay challenging and great story engaging. Of course, gameplay and the story can be said to be “okay”, but there is potential that seems to be missed for the sake of presentation, especially considering that the game can be completed in just three hours.

If you want to play the game platformer with stunning presentation, this game is worth buying. But don’t expect a crazy challenge like Celeste.

GRIS available in Steam (Rp102.900,-) and Nintendo Switch (US$20.99).