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Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo, Amazing 30 Minutes!

Capcom some time ago promised to provide gamer a demo about Resident Evil 2 Remake and the time to taste the game finally arrived on Friday, January 11, 2022, via Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo.

So what was your initial impression of the game? Does success give us a sensation Resident Evil old times?

gimbot To do test demo using PlayStation 4!

Resident Evil 2 Remake gives a classic horror feel!

Early Impression

Released under the name Resident Evil 2 1-shot Demo, you will be invited to play this game with a time limit of 30 minutes! Done or not finished, if your 30 minutes are up, then the game will stop.

In an analogy, it’s similar to game rentals where if the time runs out, the game will stop. the difference, demo it is shared free of charge.

The first time playing this game, the impression of horror has been created from before the game started. In the main menu option, we will see the tense state of Raccoon City.

In this case, the impression of horror has been created from before the game started. In the main menu option, we will see the tense state of Raccoon City.

Raccoon City’s tense atmosphere


From the side gameplay, Resident Evil 2 Remake serve gameplay modern horror game. We will be presented with a camera third person like a game God of War PS4 or The Evil Within.

With a camera like this, it’s practical Resident Evil 2 Remake looks really refreshing.

So what about the horror sensation, is that enough? According to gimbot, the horror that the game injects is enough. For gamer casual people who don’t like horror, they will definitely be nervous every inch of their journey.

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What makes the horror sensation in this game truly horrifying is that first, a lot of uncertainty occurs and secondly is sound very well crafted.

This uncertainty always makes us wonder, in the next room what will we face? Not to mention that there are several rooms that have dark backgrounds which also make us always anxious.

But most terrifying of all is the uncertainty of whether the zombies we find or kill are really dead or not. As for the sound itself, hearing the sound of zombies from a distance automatically makes goosebumps instantly.

Hi Leon!

Element survival also injected really epic in this game. All resources limited and find resources not as easy as turning the palm of the hand.

For example, there is one opportunity for gimbotto get abundant resources in one of the rooms, but instead of being able to get them freely, we must first solve the existing puzzles.

To make sure we don’t lack resources, doing a sweep in the rooms that are very obligatory. If not, be prepared we run out of bullets or herbs.

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It doesn’t stop there, Capcom also makes it difficult for us by injecting durability for knife weapons. We can’t use the knife carelessly because over time the knife will be damaged!

But among all that deserves thumbs up is puzzle which is very extraordinary.

In ancient times, Resident Evil famous for puzzlewhich is complicated to make gamer can go back and forth many times to complete it. In Resident Evil 2 Remakeit’s all back!

There are many puzzle which is quite confusing and 30 minutes is not enough time to complete it.

Contemporary detailed graphics

Worth Buying?

If you ask whether this game is worth buying or not, of course it comes back to your own decision. But for gimbotthis game is a must have especially for fans Resident Evil or fans survival horror.

What makes this game interesting to buy? In short, the game fulfills all the elements survival horror without any sense of over-action. It’s all about survival!

For those who want to buy it, this one game will be released on January 25, 2022.