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Recipes at Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Complete

Previously, we discussed all kinds of cooking tips in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, where these tips are very useful for you to get maximum results in cooking.

Now,This time we will discuss the complete recipe for cooking in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

The first thing you have to do is you have to increase your Adventure Level up to Grade F if you want to activate the cooking feature.

After that, you have to live quest by visiting the NPC named Modena: Cuisine Association Referrer which is located at the top left of Prontera.

Talk to them and you will be teleported to the cooking association. After that meet the NPC named Pizza and run quest which exists.

Complete Recipes

In cooking, of course you need a cooking recipe. This recipe is needed to make a sumptuous dish. What are the advantages of making luxurious dishes?

The advantage of making fancy dishes, you can get a dish that can give you an effect buff certain things that really help you in your adventure and hunting.

Before you cook, try to increase your Cook Level and Taste Level.

This is because dishes that have a high level described by the number of stars, require a high level of cooking.

When cooking, there is a high probability of success in cooking. When your cooking level is high, it also affects the level of success in cooking.

If you insist on cooking a dish that has a high star rating while your cooking level is still low, you will likely fail and the dish will become an unimaginable form. Yes, obviously, the pictures of the dishes were censored because they were disgusting.

Also be careful, if you eat the failed dish, you can suffer a penalty like damage to yourself or will even experience debuff.

The tips, just give it to the Pet, because the Pet is happy with all the dishes you make and will not be affected debuff and other penalties.

Okay, let’s just check below, a complete recipe for cooking that you can practice so that it can accompany you on your adventure.

Image Source: Rabbiz Nana | Lunatic Guild.